Monday, February 27, 2012

Continental Airlines ~ Why are you so terrible?

I have had to make 2 phone calls and been on the phone for more than 30 mins for both calls to change my return flight from Singapore.  I am actually still on hold since the website cannot process the ticket change. I would like a refund on all change fees because being on hold for close to an hour is unacceptable, especially when the website advertises that these services can be completed online.  I'm a US Airways PLATINUM dividend mile member and this experience is extremely frustrating and should not occur PERIOD. The cost of the international phone calls from my mobile will be close to the change fees that will be passed onto me by Continental Airlines. Terrible... Just terrible.

I've forwarded this information to Continental, a Customer Care case has been created for my request.

Reference number: 5179913

Anyone want to wager as to whether I'll have to call 1800-932-2732 to resolve this issue further?

Here are the initial comments from the Customer "I DON'T CARE" Worker.
  • She says Continental Won’t refund any fees ~ even after spending over an hour trying to get someone on the phone and another 10 minutes for her to try to price the ticket.
  • I informed the woman on the phone that the ticket was $50 more and $250 for the change.  I was able to see this online.  I had to repeat this information twice.
    • The reason I had to call was that the Continental website, take the credit card verification info.  I had to repeat this information twice.
  • What's the point of having voice recognition for the flight details when the call is answered if this information is not passed on?
Now I'm supposed to believe that the worker is going to rebook my ticket and that I can hang up, since I already know what the price will be.  She evidently can't get anyone to verify the price that appears on

Looks like I may have another battle on my hands.