Friday, October 29, 2010

Prince Welcome 2 America tickets are on sale tomorrow, presale NOW

I just scored my tickets to see Prince and his Welcome 2 America tour in New Jersey and in New York.  I have 4 tickets to the Friday, December 17 show at the Izod Center and 1 ticket to the December 18 show at Madison Square Garden (aka MSG).

According to Rolling Stone, guests Maceo Parker, Cassandra Wilson, Janelle Monae, Sheila E., Mint Condition, Esperanza Spalding, Sinbad, the New Power Generation and more will join Prince at the shows.  I actually had Prince on the brain recently since I was just at the Rio Las Vegas Hotel and Casino and remember his shows at 3121.  I for one am very excited that he's back on tour.

Right now there are only a few dates that have been announced.

Izod Center:
Tuesday, 12/14
Wednesday, 12/15
Friday, 12/17

Saturday, 12/18
Wednesday, 12/29

Internet presale is on NOW.  The password is: lights

Good luck!  See you at the show!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

US Airways did the right thing ~ A travel nightmare is resolved favorably

US Airways just earned back my business and should be acknowledged for doing the right thing.  For frequent travelers, it's imperative that we receive timely, correct, and helpful assistance and I applaud US Airways for their level of service. 

After missing my flight I called US Airways to hear my options.  The reservations agent charged me a fare difference and a change fee when I missed my original flight as opposed to advising me to hustle to the airport.  Coincidentally, I arrived at the airport within the 2 hour window, and found a ticketing agent who was especially helpful and empathetic to my situation.

I travel so much, my dad asked me if I'd seen "Up in the Air".  I actually want to watch the movie, "Going the Distance", but I'm never in one place long enough to see it.   The irony. 

Regardless, "THANK YOU, US Airways."

For the details see below.

Dear Ms. Wirk,

Thank you for contacting the Passenger Refunds Department.

We have reviewed the file and a refund in the amount of $150.00 was issued to an American Express Card ending in XXXX today. This transaction should post to the account within 7 to 10 business days and appear on the statement in one to two billing cycles.

Also, a refund in the amount of $441.00 was issued to an American Express Card ending in XXXX today.  This transaction should post to the account within 7 to 10 business days and appear on the statement in one to two billing cycles.

We know that you have many choices when it comes to traveling and we would like to say thank you for choosing US Airways.

US Airways Refunds

Ticket Numbers: XXXXX  XXXXXXX

Original Message Follows:

Salutation: Ms.
First name:
Last name: Wirk
Company name:
Country: United States
Address name:
Address name2:
Zip code:
Dividend miles number: XXXXXXX
Email address:
Home phone:
Category: Complaint
Travel time frame: Travel completed
Nature of feedback: Reservations
Departure City: DCA
Arrival City: Las Vegas, NV (LAS)
Flight number: XXX
Travel date: XX/XX/XX
Confirmation code: XXXXXX
Airport information: me
Comments: I am a silver preferred member and I was delayed getting to the airport on Friday, 10/22. I thought I was doing the right thing by calling reservations to make sure I could go on the next flight to LAS.  I was told I needed to pay the fare difference and a change fee. I was not told that I could go to the airport within the 2 hour window and be rebooked at the airport. I did arrive at the airport within the 2 hour window and the ticketing agent (Tamara S) and her supervisor (Mike) told me that I should request that you consider a refund to my credit card. I am a frequent traveler, and I am very upset that $440 was charged to my account (fare difference) and an additional $150 (change free) unnecessarily, since I was within the 2 hour window. I thought I was doing the right thing by calling reservations, but it actually hurt me. I'm a gold medallion member on Delta. I have a travel blog and I would like to have a positive US Air experience to write about. Rght now I'm very disappointed and would like to request a refund since I would not have been charged those fees at the airport.

Message generated on at 10/26/2010 10:15:25.

Lebron's new Nike commercial (aka vommercial) is terrible

Have you seen LeBron's new Nike commercial (aka vommercial)?  Here's the link, if you happen to be living without a TV and only use a computer:

According to youtube, this commercial is only 1 minute and 32 seconds, but it's so schizo with a flashback to The Decision, St. Vincent-St. Mary, and a re-enactment of the large mural smoothly coming down in Cleveland.  Anyone who was following the saga knows that there was nothing smooth about LeBron's "decision" to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Yes, he was free to go.  I'm not going to argue that.  I get it.

In the commercial we see LeBron at a podium speaking to an empty room.  Yes, LeBron, in my opinion you did ruin your legacy.  Yes, you're not a role model.  You're a misguided basketball player who made poor choices and should really let your game speak for itself. 

The acting and soulful poem crap demonstrate the narcissism since that is the same crap (aka shtick) that he used in his Sprite commercials.  Oh, and nobody cares about the tattoo on his back.  Don Johnson...  Seriously?!?!

In the commercial, LeBron asks "What should I do?"  Here's an answer: Pull that stupid, extended re-mix of a vommercial that makes me long for the days of the MVPupppets. 


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Miami Heat v Boston Celtics ~ Thoughts from the 4th quarter

We're in the final stretch...  Miami Heat v Boston Celtics, 4th quarter action starts now.  Let's do this...

  • Zydrunas is still in the game.  I think he played the entire 3rd quarter.  I think he just picked up his 4th foul.  He's hitting the bench with 10:53 in the 4th left.
  • Chris Bosh missed.  He's now 3 for 11 from the field.
  • Udonis Haslem hit his shot to cut the Boston lead to 5.  There are just under 9 minutes left on the clock.  ****  Yep, I was right.  It looks like Boston has let up.  Come on, Celtics!!!!
  • Since I've seen it at least twice now, I should probably comment.  I like the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar commercial.  I'm glad they didn't show him wearing his shape ups though.  When I think "sexy, toned legs" I don't think of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
  • I think the faux-hawk is working for Big Baby Davis.  He just extended the Celtics lead to 6 after some guy on the Heat had cut it to 4.
  • Pierce must be feeling better, since he just drained a 3.  The Boston lead is back to 6 with just over 7 minutes to go.
  • I need to check the roster.  Who is Jones on the Heat?  No, it's not Eddie. 
  • That Jones guy on the Heat just fouled Paul Pierce behind the 3-point arc.  Thank you, Jones!  Pierce is perfect from the line (e.g. 6 for 6) and the Celtics lead by 11, with about 4 and a half minutes left.
  • Kevin Garnett shot and got his own rebound and passed it to Big Baby who drained his shot.  Beautiful!  13 point Boston lead.
  • Just saw the stat line.  LeBron has 26 points and the Heat is losing.
  • LeBron is on fire.  Just drained a 3.  Still losing, but by 8 now.  He just launched another 3 and missed.  Hehehehe :-P
  • They're showing Erik Spoelstra now.  I feel bad for him.  If he can't get those 3 guys to win, I'm guessing he's going to lose his job.  Don't worry, Erik!  I liked you when you were sitting on the other end of the bench, so you will still have a fan in me.
  • Heat on an 8-0 run and the Boston lead is only 5.  Miami has the ball, and LeBron just cut the lead to 3.  LeBron now has 30 points.
  • Under a minute to go, Boston with the ball, Ray Allen just drained a 3!  His mom and I are on our feet!!!!!!  Celtics up by 6 with 49.8 on the clock. 
  • Dwyane Wade just missed his 3 point attempt. 
  • Celtics using the clock, playing smart.  Wade waited a while, and fouled Pierce.  I wonder why he didn't foul right away.
  • Pierce at the line with 27.4 on the clock.  He makes both free throws.  Celtics up by 8.
  • The Boston crowd is loudly chanting O-VER-RATED.  I love it!!!!
Game over.  Celitics win 88-80.  LeBron had 31 points. Bosh and Wade's numbers aren't worth mentioning.  The Miami Heat are 0-1.  Only 81 more games to go!  ****  If I have to watch a Bosh interview after this I might scream.


Miami Heat v Boston Celtics ~ Thoughts from the 3rd Quarter

Getting ready for the start of the 3rd quarter.  Thankfully I finished eating dinner.  Just heard the "LeBron isn't a bad guy" speech for the 100th time.  Whatever.  To quote Billy Joel, "You can speak your mind, but not on my time." 

****I don't realize why people think they can change my mind.  I've never been one to be swayed by the arguments that have been provided.  I don't understand why people can't just agree to disagree.  You can have your own opinion about LeBron.  I don't try to change your mind.  So ask yourself, why it's so important for you to change mine?

  • Charles Barkley has lost a lot of weight.
  • Ray Allen just drained his third 3 from the corner.  It still electrifies the crowd.
  • With 7:11 left in the 3rd, Zydrunas is checking back in. 
    • He just had a chance at a shot in the key a foot or 2 ahead of the free throw line and passed the ball.  Hmmm... 
  • Shaq just missed his free throw.  A few Celtics went into the lane to slap him 5.  I think Zydrunas almost went into the lane to do the same, but he caught himself.  Weird.
  • Zydrunas is fouled by Big Baby Davis, so he's at the line.  He missed his free throw. 
  • Pierce just got called for a foul, but LeBron charged.  It's a bad call.  No bueno. 
  • LeBron has 16 points, and the Boston lead is only 10.
  • Wait, Ray Allen just drained another 3, so the lead is back to 13.
  • Pierce looks like he might be a little banged up now.  He looks like he's wincing on the bench after LeBron ran into/over him.
  • Whoa!  Who's the guy sitting next to the left of Pierce?  Uh oh.  Pierce is headed to the locker room.
  • Big Baby Davis shoots and scores over Zydrunas ~ so much for 7 feet of defense...
  • In case you didn't know, Ray Allen would like to inform you that the NBA Cares.
  • Is it just me, or is Boston looking like they let up a bit? Miami has cut the lead to 10.  Score is 53-63, but Boston is still up.
  • LeBron just scored another bucket.  He has 25, and the Boston lead is cut to 6. 
Hmmm, looks like in typical NBA fashion ~ the game will be decided in the 4th.


Miami Heat v Boston Celtics ~ Thoughts from the 2nd Quarter

Game on...  2nd Quarter begins...  Celtics are up 7.  Here we go... 
  • Just received a text from a friend in the media who's at the game.  Whew!  I'm relieved.  We're rooting for the same team.  Go Celtics!
  • Marquis Daniels is getting some playing time in Boston.  I like it.
  • Is Erik Spoelstra wearing a black Power Balance bracelet?  I took mine off on this morning.  Maybe I should put it back on.
  • Boston is up 12, with 8:23 left in the 2nd.  Woohoo!
  • Is Zydrunas Ilgauskas even on the Heat bench?  I didn't see him in the huddle.
  • Actually I just realized that Zydrunas is now reunited with Ronnie Rothstein...  For those of you that don't remember, Ronnie used to be under Mike Fratello back in the day in Cleveland.
  • Marquis Daniels has 6 points, and is looking to be the star of the game so far ~ but it's EARLY.
  • I'm listening to Mike Fratello now actually.  Wow.  It's like a reunion in the fraternity we call the "NBA".  Yes, I know Mike Miller recently got injured.  If I remember correctly, he got his finger caught in a jersey in either practice or a preseason game.  Regardless, Miller being out does hurt the Heat's ability to spread the floor.  Those are the breaks.
  • I just heard Bosh, LeBron, and Wade's stats lines.  The numbers are pathetic.  I'm smiling.
  • They're showing Union Oyster House in the background as we return from commercial.  I've eaten there.  I had the clam chowder.
  • Udonis Haslem just shot and missed.  ****  I saw him when I was in Miami.  He was walking into the Fontainbleu Miami during Super Bowl XLIV.
  • Bosh just missed.  Still smiling.
  • Zydrunas is in the game and he's wearing a Miami Heat jersey.  Weird.
Celtics are up 45-30...


Miami Heat v Boston Celtics ~ Thoughts during 1st Quarter

Opening night for NBA action, and since I'm "trapped" watching the game I figured I'd start a string of bullets to collect my thoughts as I watch and listen to this Miami Heat v Boston Celtics game.  I will admit, right now.  I'm from Ohio.  I used to be a huge LeBron proponent.  I am/was very familiar with the Cleveland Cavs organization and I'm still DISGRUNTLED and ANNOYED with "The Decision".  I understand, LeBron had the right to leave.  I'm one of those people that thinks that THE WAY he did it, was classless. 

Oh, and I must mention that I saw his latest Nike commercial earlier today.  I think it sucks.  And "Yes," LeBron, you ruined your legacy.
  • I want the Boston Celtics to win tonight. 
  • I want the Miami Heat to go 0-82.
  • Poor Craig Sager, having to interview Chris Bosh before the game.   I wonder just how bad, Miami's record has to be, before Bosh will stop getting interviewed.  I'm tired of hearing that Miami's 3 (i.e. Wade, LeBron, and Bosh <--- I think I just threw up in my mouth typing "Bosh") didn't have much court time together.  Sooo sorry, there wasn't much rehearsal time due to injuries...  That's LIFE.  Suck it up. 
  • It's good to see Steve Kerr on TV again.  Hmmm, that reminds me of that I used to date a guy that looked just like him...  ****Not sure what that means or how it's relevant, but this is my blog so I can include whatever I want.
  • LeBron is still doing the chalk into...  Guess that's gonna stay.
  • Shaquille O'Neal as a Celtic...  I hope it works out for him and for Boston fans better than it did during his stint with the Phoenix Suns.  I want to see Boston succeed with Shaq...  However, I must admit I don't expect much out of the big fella.
  • The score is Miami: 8, and Boston: 14.  I am thrilled.
  • Dwyane Wade is 0-4 from the field right no.  Game is a little boring.
  • They just showed Erik Spoelstra.  Ok, I'm back to being interested in this game again.
  • Not only is Wade 0-4, he as 3 turnovers and just sat down on the bench.
End of the 1st Q ~ Heat 9. Boston 16.  Ugh, now they're showing that stupid Nike commercial again.  How long is this commercial?  It feels like it's 7 minutes long...  Yuck.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Long weekend in Las Vegas with my dad and friends

I spent the long weekend in Las Vegas with my dad and some friends to celebrate another friend's birthday.  It was a fun time and I especially enjoyed the time away with my dad who I haven't seen since last Christmas.  The craps tables were lucky for me and the sports book was good to me also!

I bet on the New York Rangers to defeat the New York Yankees in Game 6 for the ALCS.  That's right, I bet againt the Yankees.  What can I say?  I just might want to go back to Dallas after all.

As for my other sports action, I had the Patriots +2.5 over the San Diego Chargers.  I took the money line on the Pittsburgh Steelers over the Miami Dolphins.  All winners.  It would've been even prettier had I hit my 2 team parlay (i.e. San Francisco Giants and Oklahoma), but the Sooners just couldn't pull through for me.  I lost a heartbreaker when the Vikings lost to the Packers, but what a game that turned out to be!  C'est la vie.

I don't normally play the fire bet, but I did see a man make 5 original points.  That was definitely interesting.  Wish I'd found his roll earlier.  ****  I checked on my dad at the craps table during half-time of the Steelers game, so we could have lunch.
 On the way back, John McCain was on my flight from Phoenix.  This is actually the 3rd time I've run into him, so the novelty has worn off.  However, this was the first time I decided to snap a picture.

Regardless, the highlight of my return trip was the TCBY chocolate frozen yogurt with extra strawberry topping!  That stuff is so good!

THE WIRK (aka Pamphlet and WINNER)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Seahawks defeat the Bears ~ Hester ties NFL touchdown return record

I've been to Chicago many times (i.e. I'm from the Midwest), but as many times as I've been to Chicago ~ I'd never been to Soldier Field. Well, finally, I did it! My friend Jason (aka Pork) used to live in DC, but went back to his home state to go to law school. Whenever I hit Chicago, I try to catch up with him because he cracks me up. 

I met Pork at the Washington train stop and we walked to Soldier Field.  There was good weather in Chicago, and it was warm in the sun so the walk was easy.  On the way there I saw a street sign that read, "George S Halas Dr." so I knew we were getting close.  As soon as I saw "The Bean" I made my way towards it.  I wasn't leaving Chicago without a picture with it. 

As we walked by the water with a bunch of other Chicago Bears fans, I forgot how much I enjoy Chicago.  Actually now that I think about it, I've never been to Navy Pier also.  Oh well.  Next time...

Buckingham Fountain ~ the "Married With Children" fountain

Finally we reached Soldier Field and all I can say is that I had no idea that it was right across from the Field Museum!  Do you have any idea how many times I've been to the Field Museum?!?!  I've been there at least 3 times, but I've never noticed Soldier Field.  Crazy! 

As soon as we arrived at the Stadium, I bought a Bears hat.  Hat in hand, we were off to our seats and I was ready to watch the Bears introductions.  The seats we had were fantastic!  You know the saying, "If you're gonna do it, do it right!"...

When the game started, of course I was snapping pictures.  I managed to catch the Bears first touchdown, when Matt Forte made it into the endzone.  It's a great picture, if I do say so, myself! 

With the Bears in the lead, I started to look around the stadium.  Everyone who'd been to Soldier Field before me told me that the stadium looks strange now that they added the upper deck to it.  This was my first time at the venue, so I have no idea.  However, this is a picture of the upper deck of the stadium.  Can you imagine climbing all the stairs to the top?!?!  No...  That's not for me. It's way too high and way too scary for me to climb up there!

At half-time Pork and I walked around the stadium, so I could take some pictures. 

Spirit of the American Doughboy

Obviously there's a wall display for "Papa Bear Halas" too.

With the Bears down 10, Devin Hester gave the Bears a chance to tie the game, when he ran the ball back for a touchdown.  It was AWESOME, and the crowd (i.e. that didn't give up on the Bears and didn't leave early) was definitely treated to something special.  Devin Hester now has 13 touchdown returns, which ties him for the NFL all-time mark! 

Great time at the game with my friend.  It was warm in the sun, but a little chilly in the shade.  I feel fine, but Pork has a cold now.  Sucks for him, but at least I was wearing layers! 
Seahawks defeated the Bears with a score of 23-20.  Jay Cutler played, but it wasn't really anything to write about.  Hasselbeck led the Seahawks to the win.

Soldier Field ~ check.  Cross another stadium off of my list.

Fans leaving Soldier Field


Giants defeat the Phillies ~ NLCS Game 1, Cody Ross was the hero

In every game there must be a winner and a loser.  I was more than excited to score a front row ticket to the pitching duel between San Francisco Giants, Tim Lincecum, and Philadelphia Phillies, Roy Halladay.  That's right...  NLCS, Game 1...  A Saturday night...  You read it correctly, FRONT ROW!!!  My seat was right behind the Giants dugout, and I couldn't wait to watch The Freak battle Doc Halladay.

From my seat, I was in a great spot to cheer on the San Francisco Giants, but I was disguised in my Philadelphia Phillies hat.  Don't get me wrong, I really don't have a preference in the National League between the Phillies and the Giants.  However, I made it out to AT&T Park this year and really enjoyed that ballpark.  I'm not really a Phillies fan, but I like Charlie Manuel.  I remember him from his days in Cleveland when he was managing the Indians.  I met him briefly years ago and he seems like a good-hearted man with a comedic touch.  I recently saw a clip of his post-game press conference when he was reacting to Halladay's no-hitter.  He made reference to it being a "good managing"...  It made me laugh.

In a game that I anticipated to have more defense than offense, I was quite surprised by the drama in the game.  Cody Ross is a name I didn't even know, but the man had 2 home runs!  That's right, 2 home runs and both were the the left.  Have you seen this guy?  I'm definitely paying attention now.  He was the star of the game.

This game was another good one, and I'm definitely glad that I went to it.  The ALCS game 1 had a 8th inning, Yankee rally that made things interesting.  I eagerly anticipated the NLCS game 1 match-up since it promised pitching drama.  I have to admit though, that I'm a Pablo Sandoval fan, and was bummed that the Panda didn't play.  I've never met the man, but I find him to be likable.  I had a great seat and was looking forward to seeing him do something exciting.

If you want a game re-cap or a boxs core, check ESPN.  I really don't have anything more to say about the game.  Oh, here's a funny one for you.  During the game, a lady came down to my section and started calling for Freddy Sanchez.  She wanted the media and Phillies facility staff to let him know she loved him.  Awesome.  She tried to get to the dugout, but didn't get too close.  Sanchez should thank us...


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Yankees rally in the 8th to defeat the Rangers ~ ALCS, Game 1

I'd never been to Rangers Ballpark so I decided that there was no better time to go then last night to watch game 1 of the ALCS.  I flew to Dallas and immediately went to see my family.  After catching up with Ashley, the kiddos, the new kitty, and meeting her neighbor Dave ~ they whisked me away to the game.  I got there early so that traffic wouldn't be an issue and it worked out well so I could eat and not worry about picking up my ticket at will call. 

For under $20, I had a hotdog, a large drink, and a funnel cake.  ****  Funnel cake is one of my guilty pleasures!  After satisfying my inner fat kid, I walked the concourse to see what the park had to offer.   I found a large gift shop (i.e. the Majestic) and a huge Nolan Ryan statue.  After taking the obligatory photo it was time for me to get ready to watch the action. 

Nolan Ryan threw out the ceremonial first pitch.  Here's the video I shot:

It was a comfortable 80-degrees, and I settled in my seat.  Before you knew it, the Texas Rangers were up 3-0.  I'd never heard the name Michael Young until yesterday, but after last night I won't forget it.  Evidently he lives down the street from my cousin.  At his first at bat, he singled and then next thing you knew Josh Hamilton drove him and Elvis Andrus home with a home run!

I watched game 1 of the ALDS and CC Sabathia got off to a slow start at Target Field (i.e. against the Minnesota Twins) so it felt like de ja vu...  CC managed to get himself out of some other jams, and before you knew it Joba Chamberlain was in the game, pitching in the bottom of the 5th.

Anyone else remember Joba Chamberlain on the mound in Cleveland when those flies came out?!?!  That's an image I can't forget!  So gross... 

Around the time of the 7th inning stretch, I noticed George W. Bush in the crowd.  Here's a picture.  He's in the blue shirt, front row, to the left of the sign.

Anyway, some time around the 8th inning I noticed the guy to my right.  He was a cross between Rick Fox and another guy I grew up with (i.e. that I had a crush on).  Needless to say he was attractive and shooting pictures with a serious camera.  I found it all very interesting.  After some small talk, we both noticed the Yankees had scored!  Wouldn't you know it?  The Yankees were beginning to rally!  It was so quiet in the ballpark that it was as if the Rangers balloon had completely deflated, but thanks to some good conversation and Yankees offense ~ I was still smiling!

If you want the box score or a play-by-play check  Great game and definitely a good time!  Rangers lose at home.  Final score Yankees: 6, Rangers: 5.

"The stars at night, shine big and bright ~ deep in the heart of Texas".
Game 2 is today (i.e. Saturday) at 4PM ET.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

The tall guy was an Edmonton Oiler ~ That explains it...

Ask anyone and they'll tell you  that I have a "type"...  I like tall guys.  Yesterday, when I was getting off the elevator I ran into a guy.  I actually almost ran over the guy, since I'm used to having no one in front of me.  Well, as soon as I saw him I said, "Whoa!". 

He smiled.  He was 6'5 and looked good.  Admittedly I was immediately confused, since I knew there was no baseball in town.  I also knew he wasn't a basketball player (i.e. The Wirk knows basketball) so I dismissed it.  Well, today I learned from my driver that a visiting hockey team was in town.  Sure enough when I looked at the team's roster I see the guy!

Oh well.  I'm going to take it as a sign that I need to get my act together and remember that hockey season has started.  Ugh...  At least I didn't say anything stupid, like I did when I ran into the Tampa Bay Lightning in Montreal!

And as for the guy...  I checked the schedule and it looks like he'll be back in town again in February.  Guarantee I forget by later tonight though, since it really doesn't matter and I'm not a fan of the Edmonton Oilers.  Actually now that I think about it, I don't even know where Edmonton is.  ****  Yes, I know it's in Canada.


FavresElbow ~ Hope it's as funny as LeBronsElbow

I was commenting on another forum that features some of my posts, and I had a flashback to last years NBA playoffs.  I was replying to a comment about Favre's latest personal turmoil (i.e. think voicemail and text messages) that has been brought into court of public opinion and have also seen headlines that Brett Favre is considering sitting out if his elbow worsens. 

Personally, I hope all will be OK, with this elbow.  I enjoy watching him play and have grown tired of watching teams (i.e. that are "supposed" to win) lose.  It's only Week 6 and already I'm frustrated, and I'm a Colts' fan.

As for Favre's elbow, all I couldn't help but think back to Lebron and his elbow woes.  My internal voice is trying to be heard, as it screams "Here we go again".

Not sure if anyone's created a profile on Facebook, Twitter, or coined the term yet, but if anyone's getting a wild hair, I only ask for two things:
  1. Of all the body parts on Favre that are receiving attention and could possibly be "talking" ~ please choose his elbow...
  2. Please let FavresElbow be as funny as LeBronsElbow... 
Question:  Who'd win arm wrestling ~ FavresElbow or LeBronsElbow?

THE WIRK (and TheWirksElbow)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Not "fine" ~ Arenas faked injury, skipped Wizards home preseason opener

I just read the ESPN article that says that Washington Wizards player, Gilbert Arenas, faked a knee injury for the preseason opener at the Verizon Center.  According to Arenas, he did it because Nick Young was frustrated about his playing time.  Ummmm, yeah....   This is not "OK".  3 cheers for Washington Wizards management and ownership for not letting this go unpunished. 

Gilbert you are not a coach.  You do not make playing time decisions.  That decision belongs to Flip Saunders.  Gilbert, you're a player, and I use the term "player" loosely since you do more blogging than playing at times.  In fact, as a Wizards veteran, I'd expect you to be captain ~ but alas, you are not.

Please shut up.  Please stop faking.  Please just PLAY.

Here's your chance to wear Arenas' old "Agent Zero" jersey, more than he did...


Week 5 ~ Perfect in my NFL survivor pool

Was talking to The Rick earlier today, and he told me something interesting.  Guess who was perfect in her NFL survivor pool last week...  I was!  I think I'm the only girl in the pool, and I bested all the men by picking flawlessly against the spread.  Too bad I was eliminated last week and am competing for a wild card spot now.  Below were my Week 5 picks.

Sunday, October 10

NY Giants (3-2) [34] at Houston (3-2) -3.5 [10] 3 WIN
Kansas City (3-1) [9] at Indianapolis (3-2) -8.5 [19] 5 WIN
Jacksonville (3-2) [36] at Buffalo (0-5) 0.0 [26] 4 WIN
Atlanta (4-1) [20] at Cleveland (1-4) +3.5 [10] 2 WIN
Philadelphia (3-2) [27] at San Francisco (0-5) -2.5 [24] 1 WIN

Results (W-L, Pts): 5-0, 15 pts

Alright, boys.  Maybe this girl is finally getting her groove back!


Yankees v Rangers, ALCS Game 1 ~ I'll be there!

Cliff Lee pitched a complete game, and the ALCS match-up is set.  Further, I just scored my ticket to Game 1 in Dallas!  I had to rearrange my schedule, but I'm more than excited to see the New York Yankees take on the Texas Rangers and check off another stadium (i.e. Rangers Ballpark) on my tour. 

The Texas Rangers defeated the Tampa Bay Rays earlier tonight, and the minute the Rangers advanced, I was on the phone with US Air changing my existing weekend flights.  Thank goodness I have plenty of dividend miles coming out of my ears and a very flexible schedule, otherwise it'd be basically impossible to continue living the dream!  ****  Direct flights to DFW cost almost $1,500.00 right now and with a connection you'd still pay more than $500.00

Friends and family, hopefully I can see you before or after the game this Friday.  Fellow baseball fans, I'll see you at Rangers Ballpark!  Game time is set at 8PM (ET).

****  Still on the hunt for a ticket for the NLCS, Game 1.  I really want to see Lincecum v Halladay.  If you can help me out, contact me:


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ESPN 30 for 30: Once Brothers ~ Politics, Friendship, and Basketball

Tonight I watched the ESPN 30 for 30 "Once Brothers" feature and I have so much on my mind that I fel the need to post.  I saw Vlade Divac this summer in Las Vegas, when I was watching NBA Summer League.  I never thought I'd think twice about Divac this year, much less remember Drazen Petrovic.

Drazen Petrovic and Vlade Divac were friends and former teammates for "unified" Yugoslavia, but civil war between the Serbians and the Croatians divided them.  Other notables on that team are Dino Radja and Toni Kukoc.  I wasn't familiar with the specifics of Divac and Petrovic's relationship, until I watched this show.  I'm not Croatian nor Serbian, so I'm not very familiar with the history of the two countries.  I wasn't familiar with the incident that occurred in 1990 World Championships in Argentina (i.e. Divac's reaction to a fan approaching with a Croatian flag) when Yugloslavia defeated Arvydas Sabonis and the Soviet Union for the gold.

What I do remember are the Dayton Peace Acccords that happened in 1995.  I remember the news that the Presidents were meeting in Dayton, because those talks occurred only minutes away from the houses where I grew up.  I remember the Peace Accords put an "end " to the fighting between Croatia and Serbia.  Aside from integrating the political angles, it was enlightening to see the human story behind Divac and Petrovic's relationahip.

Divac was drafted into the NBA in 1989.  According to Wikipedia, "The 1989 NBA Draft has been regarded as one of the worst drafts in NBA history...  Though the draft produced talented players such as Shawn Kemp...eight of the top ten picks were considered busts, including the first two picks Pervis Ellison and Danny Ferry."  ****  HAHA.  Thank you, Wikipedia.

I don't remember Petrovic's entry into the league, but I do remember his premature exit from our lives.  I remember learning that Drazen Petrovic died in a car accident in Germany.  I saw it on the news.  I remember his star shining while he played with the New Jersey Nets.  He had so much promise and talent.  I remember feeling the loss, even though I wasn't a Nets fan.  In the ESPN feature they talk about Petrovic and how he had no problem going against Michael Jordan.  Petrovic had a quick release and ice in his veins. 

Here are some clips compiled of Jordan and Petrovic that I found on youtube.

Petrovic and Divac's performances on the world's basketball stage and successes in the NBA helped to pave the way for other Europeans (e.g. Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Peja Stojakovic, Pau Gasol, Dirk Nowitzki) to enter the league.  Human relationships are tough at times, but when you add politics, friendship can often be strained.  They say never to talk about money, religion, or politics.  Politics can enter our lives in the most subtle of ways, but even the keen eye of someone "in the know" can discern the Serbian three-finger salute for what it is, as opposed to "just" a cheer after a 3-pointer is drained...  I remember watching a Sacramento Kings game in the late 1990s, where the salute was given after the shot.  I was watching with someone from Europe who knows basketball.  As soon as he saw it, he said "Whoa!".  What I thought was a simple celebration for a 3-pointer or a clutch shot, meant much more.  I had no idea what I saw meant more than it did, but he knew (i.e. that for some people) the message would be clear. 

Don't believe me?  Seems as though he wasn't the only one who picked up on the messaging.  Here's one article I found on the subject:  Nevertheless, I don't want to talk politics.  I do want to let you know though, that if  you haven't seen the ESPN 30 for 30, "Once Brothers", see it.

In fact, if you aren't watching these shows, you really should catch up and maybe even pick up the gift set.

Further, if you're a Drazen Petrovic fan, I just noticed that you can pick up his jersey.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Brett Favre's voicemail or his 500th TD pass ~ What do you care about?

I don't know about you, but I don't want to hear every professional football player's inappropriate voicemail message nor do I really care about any inappropriate text messages.  I heard Favre's voicemail on Friday on the radio.  I don't condone infidelity, but I do think it's a personal matter between him and his wife.  Further, as long as there are no charges/convictions against him, I think it's a dangerous precedent for the NFL to "set" (i.e. to punish these types of behaviors as an offense to the code of conduct).

That's my 2 cents.

Now back to the business of the New York Jets v Minnesota Vikings, MNF match-up...  Congratulations to Brett Favre on his 500th career touchdown pass (i.e. of which  Randy Moss was the recipient)!  The Vikings are still down 7-15 with the 3rd quarter coming to an end...

Now that this blog post is done, I can start leaving inappropriate voicemails!  HAHA.  Just kidding.  Obviously, I need to order a voice changer first... Duh...  :-P


Giants v Phillies for the NLCS ~ Lincecum v Halladay, Game 1

Well, the NLCS match-up is set, and I can't wait to see the San Francisco Giants play the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park!  Game 1 has Tim Lincecum going up against Roy Halladay, and it should be an amazing battle... 

I guess it's time for me to hunt down some tickets and try to rearrange my schedule, since I really don't want to miss this match-up...  If you can help a girl out with access to tickets, please contact me via email at

If the Giants are more your "flavor", then I recommend you buy the Pablo (i.e. Sandoval) Panda hat like my friend, Mandy.

Panda hats, not your style?!?!  Well, for those of you that cheer for the Phillies, how about a Halladay jersey?!?!

****  The Giants victory today, was the last note of Bobby Cox's 29-year song as Manager of the Braves.  Thank you, Bobby, for all you've done for the Atlanta Braves and Braves' fans everywhere.  Enjoy your retirement!


"Incidentally, what's your policy on Columbus Day?" ~ You, Me, and Dupree

For all of us that worked on Columbus Day, here's a clip from  the movie "You, Me, and Dupree":  Unfortunately, whoever uploaded it to Youtube, doesn't disabled the embedding feature.

Here's the dialogue if you're too lazy to click:

Dupree: I'm a people person, very personable. I absolutely insist on enjoying life. Not so task-oriented. Not a work horse. If you're looking for a Clydesdale I'm probably not your man. Like I don't live to work, it's more the other way around. I work to live. Incidentally, what's your policy on Columbus Day?

Interviewer: We work.

Dupree: Really? The guy discovered the new world.


Redskins defeat the Packers in OT ~ Hail!

I'm not sure when it happened, but my friend, Kanak, has become a football fan.  She had tickets to the Green Bay Packers v Washington Redskins game on Sunday, and when I offered to sell them for her, she refused.  She said she wanted to go to the game.  When I picked myself off of the floor, I knew I was going to have to rally "early" (i.e. wake up in the AM) on Sunday and go with her.

****  Incidentally, the night before some guy took my cell phone home with him.  He said I dropped it.  I think he stole it.  Regardless, I offered him $100, if he brought my phone back to me before 10AM (i.e. he called me around 9AM).  For those of you that think that's a bit much, you have no idea what it's like to explain the situation to AT&T that your phone has been stolen and you want to replace it.  The amount of time and energy I'd waste to discuss this issue with those people, is far less than $100.

Kanak picked me up for the game, and we drove to her work and then walked to our friend JV's place.  The few blocks might as well have been a few miles, because I was in no mood for a Sunday morning stroll.  JV's sister drove us to FedEx Field.  I slept in the car on the way. 

View from the seats

Entering the stadium with the game underway, I just wanted to sit and enjoy the game.  I honestly couldn't have cared less about the outcome.  It was a gorgeous day, and I was just excited to be around friends. 

Our friend, Erin, "Don't Stop Believin'"

With Ari and Rod (aka "the Donkey")

With my girls: Kanak, Taters, Marin, and Jena

Kanak was asking questions throughout the game and following the action.  I haven't had to explain penalties (e.g. holding, offsides), football basics (e.g. downs, offense, defense), or that they're yelling "Coooooley" instead of "boo" (i.e. when Chris Cooley does something good) in a long time.  However, I couldn't help but notice that she's definitely been learning the game the past few weeks.  ****  Yes, Kanak, I was impressed.

The game turned out to be a good one!  It went into overtime.  When Green Bay won the coin toss, I assumed that the Packers would win.  When I watched them miss the field goal, I was shocked.  Overtime was stressful, but ultimately the Washington Redskins defeated the Green Bay Packers 16-13, thanks to Graham Gano's field goal... 

Sorry Packers fans.  You lose, and Aaron Rodgers has a concussion and may not play on Sunday. 

I'll admit, I'm not really Redskins fan, but after that performance ~ Hail to the Redskins! 

****  If you ask me, Redskins' fans should buy my tickets to go to all the games for the rest of the season, since the 2 games I've attended they've won.  If you don't remember, I was in Philadelphia last weekend.

Question:  Stadium dog for $6 or two hotdogs for $10?  Which would you choose?


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Teixeira hits a homerun and Yankees defeat the Twins - ALDS, Game 1

Last night was the first night of the MLB postseason.  I was able to attend Game 1 of the ALDS between the New York Yankees and the Minnesota Twins.  Earlier in the evening, baseball fans were treated to something special when Philadelphia Phillies' pitcher, Roy Halladay, pitched a no-hitter!

Wow.  Coming off watching the celebration in Philly, I was expecting big things at Target Field.  I didn't witness a no-hitter, but I did see a great game.

CC Sabathia and Francisco Liriano went pitch to pitch, but the bats were hot also.  10 runs were scored, but the Yankees ended up winning 6-4.

CC Sabathia on the mound

My 3rd base favorites, Alex Rodriguez and Scott Ullger

Twins congratulating Cuddyer after his home run

There was not a no-hitter to witness at Target Field.  In fact, the crowd seemed to "boo" a bit when Sabathia hit Thome in the arm with a pitch.  Come on, people!  That's no big deal.  Don't you know that that's how former Tribe players greet each other?!?! 

The Yankees were down 0-3 for a few innings, but then the Yankees found their offense.  I was sitting next to Kunal, a Yankees fan, and he was stressed for most of the game.  I think he finally relaxed in the 8th or 9th inning.  What most people thought was a "gimme" game for the Yankees turned into a bit of a nail biter, even though the Yankees were up 4-3 heading into the bottom of the 6th.

In the bottom of the 6th with Sabathia loading the bases, I started to panic.  However, he was able to work himself out of the jam after only walking in one run.  Great. Game was tied at 4.

In the 7th, with Nick Swisher on base, Mark Teixeira hit a home run to put the Yankees up 6-4.  That would be the final score of the game! 

Mariano Rivera handled the rest.

In today's game that starts at 6:37PM ET, Andy Pettitte takes on Carl Pavano. 

Should I stay or should I go now?!?!

Oh and  I have to mention that since Randy Moss returned to the Minnesota Vikings yesterday, it seems like the people in Minneapolis dusted off their Moss jerseys and decided to wear them to the game.  Welcome back, Randy.  Seems like Vikings fans can't wait to see you.

Lastly, guess what?!!?  I found $20 on the ground on the concourse.  Woohoo! Winner!!!  :-P

Fan of Teixeira?  Pick up a shirt.  Man his name is hard to spell...  "I before E, except when sounded like Teixeira"...