Sunday, May 19, 2013

Brian McKnight's concert at The Howard Theatre ~ $1/minute

Brian McKnight performed at the Howard Theatre and I went to check out the show.  I'd seen him perform at least one time prior, so I knew what to expect (i.e. ballads and very little, if any dancing/choreography).  He still hits the notes and plays the crowd favorites.  He even performed some of his newer music. 

I listened for my favorites and took in the crowd when I was "bored". I caught the earlier of two shows that night so I have to admit that I felt that the best word to describe the performance member is "uninspired". 

Is it just me or does a member of his band, like the song more?

When I am bored at events, my mind starts to wander.  Next, I start calculating the price per minute for the event that I'm attending.  ****  This is also a calculation I perform prior to booking a spa appointment for a massage.  I'm a "value for money" girl for experiences that can be repeated so try my best to find a quality spot that offers the service for $1/minute. 

It wasn't my first rodeo...  Brian McKnight performed for about an hour, so at approximately $60 for the ticket, I'm satisfied.  However, something tells me that the lady, he brought on stage, received the most for her money!  See for yourself below...