Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The numbers surrounding March Madness in pictures

I received the following graphic which tells the story of March Madness.  It was sent to me from Jenica Rhee (i.e. evidently it was a school project).  Needless to say, I hope she got an "A".

Lately, I've been spending some time explaining all the hype surrounding the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament to my non-American friends and this will definitely be helpful!  Brackets, sports betting, seedings, etc. it's here.  Check it out!


March Madness
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March Madness is here and I'm not ready ~ See you in Vegas

So it's the advent of my return to Las Vegas for March Madness and aside from watching a few conference tournament games, I can honestly say I have no idea what's going on this year.  Last year, I hit the road and jockeyed cities to watch the games.  This year, frankly I don't have the energy to travel that much right now.  Sooooooo, it's just easier and more fun for me to visit with my friends from Portland et al, and sit in a sportsbook to wager.

Based on what little I know and from my past experience here are a few bullet points for what I think:
  • I'm not taking Louisville to go far.  There seems to be little incentive for Coach Pitino to win, so I'll look forward to seeing Louisville's head coach on the sports panel(s) commentating as soon as his guys get bounced.
  • If I have to pick a 12 to beat a 5, I'm picking Harvard University to pull off the upset.
  • If UNC goes against FSU anywhere in the draw (i.e. can you tell I have yet to look at a bracket), I'm taking Florida State University.  The Seminoles are the Tarheels' kryptonite.
  • Everyone I'm talking to seem to like the Kentucky Wildcats to win this year.
  • I'm not joining any pools this year.  I've been out of the country for about 6-7 months, and you're not getting my "easy money".
I'll add more if/when I think of more.


Head Coach Woodson - All the best with the Knicks

So Mike D'Antoni is out and Mike Woodson is in as (interim) head coach of the New York Knicks --- presumably until Phil Jackson can take over the helm (i.e. if you believe the word on the street). Want details about the resignation?  If so, you're in the wrong place.  I like Coach Woodson.  I've known him for about 10-11 years now.  I knew him when he was in Cleveland.  As an assistant coach he took the time to come over to the house to visit an injured player who was rehabbing.  Coach and I are not best buddies, but I do reach out whenever I'm in town and go and see him at work (i.e. coaching).

One funny story about Woody:  I used to work with a guy who was OBSESSED with Indiana Basketball.  He was the ultimate Indiana University fan.  He told me stories about Woody's shooting, with the hugest smile on his face.  He told me to ask Woody about it.  Later, after a game or maybe it was when he was visiting his player, I recounted the story to him.  I told him that my co-worker told me that he was one of the best shooters on his team.  Woody just smiled, not a cocky smile --- but a sincere, confident grin and said "I WAS the shooter".

That's Woody.  He's great.  All the best, coach!