Monday, November 29, 2010

I'd like to bump into Coach Spoelstra, but not like LeBron did ~ Wink, Wink

Dear Miami Heat players, please "shut up" and play. 

Dear Erik Spoelstra, if you get fired, come hang out with me.  By the way, LeBron body-checked you when he bumped into you.  I'm no genius, but I am a girl so I know "passive-aggressive" behavior (i.e. KIDDING, kind of, not really) when I see it.

For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about?  Here's a video I found on Youtube.

I'd like to bump into Spoelstra (i.e. but not like LeBron did)...  Haha.  Coach Spoelstra is a cutie!  See you guys on Thursday at the Quicken Loans Arena!


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Magic defeat the Wizards thanks to Dwight Howard's last shot

I came back to the DC area after hanging out with my family for Thanksgiving.  It was an early morning.  I was up at 4AM and slept most of the afternoon away, once I made it back.  I had a feeling my friend, Mandy would call about the Orlando Magic v Washington Wizards game tonight, so I decided to stay in town.  Sure enough a little before 6PM, my phone rang and I hauled my lifeless body to the Verizon Center for the game.

Tip off was at 7PM and I arrived at the arena 10 minutes before the hour.  Mandy had a ticket for me, but I wasn't sure where it'd be.  ****  I'm a bit of a ticket snob.  I expect a good seat when I go to a game, and I'm willing to make sure I have one.  Since I had a few minutes, I decided to scalp a ticket.  The first guy I talked to refused $50 for a ticket in section 120.  That's fine.  The next guy showed me a ticket in section 119, row E.  Face value was $125.  I offered him $50, and next thing you knew, we had a deal.

I texted Mandy that I was good and into the building I went.  Turns out that she and her friends were in section 118.  Perfect.  As I watched the 1st half, it finally hit me late in the 1st quarter that John Wall wasn't playing.  Um, yeah.  Like I said, it's been a long day.  Guess I'll have to go to another game.  ****  Oh, I know ~ I'll go and catch the new look New York Knicks (i.e. with Amare Stoudemire) when they come to town. 

Another thing I noticed was that Gilbert Arenas was playing tonight.  I can't honestly remember the last time I've seen Gilbert in uniform and playing.  He had a great game tonight.  He tallied 31 points.  On one possession Gilbert took a shot and the man on my left told his daughter, "4 years ago, he would have made that shot."  Wow.  What can I say though?  The man spoke the truth.

The game was much closer in the 2nd half, but Mandy et al and I watched the 3rd quarter from The Greene Turtle.  It was our chance to catch up, since I hadn't seen her since I was in Phoenix for the NBA Playoffs.

We went to watch the 4th quarter and the game was definitely tighter.  Incidentally, the line was Washington +7.  I told my friend, I'd take the points if I was him.  Without John Wall, and after the victory over Miami, I figured that the Magic would win, but that the game would be competitive.  Needless to say, I was correct.

After the game, we took our visitor passes and headed to the tunnel to greet the Orlando Magic.  Patrick Ewing walked by, but I've met him numerous times before so I wasn't going to bother him.  He signed a basketball for someone and whoever that person is better realize just how lucky he/she is to have a Ewing autograph.  ****  When I was in college I tried a number of times to get him to sign my Knicks pennant and was always unsuccessful.  However, since I've run into him and talked to him a number of times, I don't feel pressed to make contact again.

I saw J.J. Redick and Chris Duhon and contemplated taking a picture with them, but the more I thought about it ~ I'm "Duke'd" out after all the games I've seen.  I'm actually going to see the Duke v Butler match-up on Saturday (i.e. next week).  My brother is a Duke alumnus...  I'm good.

Alex Ovechkin was at the game sitting courtside. Coincidentally, Vince Carter was also sitting courtside on the Magic's bench, since he's injured (i.e. knee).
The rest of the Orlando Magic eventually trickled out of the locker room, and last but not least, Dwight Howard came out to the tunnel.  Finally, I took a good picture with him and that was all she wrote.

Great night out.  Magic defeated the Wizards with a score of 100-99.  Dwight Howard's put back was the difference, since the Wizards couldn't convert on their final possession.  Dwight Howard finished with 32 points and 11 rebounds.

Not a bad night at all...


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh Oh, it's Magic ~ the Orlando Magic defeat the Miami Heat

The battle of Florida was tonight, and the Orlando Magic beat the Miami Heat by a score of 104-95 at the Amway Center. 

****  I still need to make it to that new Amway Center.  I went to the old Amway Center when the Cleveland Cavaliers were playing against the Orlando Heat for the Eastern Conference Championship.  I was at Game 4 and the Cleveland Cavaliers lost a heartbreaker, with a score of 116-114.  It would take 6 games, and ultimately the Cavs would lose the series.  The pictures for this post are from that trip.     

View from the concourse of the old Amway Center

I just checked and unless I'm reading it wrong, the money line was Orlando -165.  Hmmm, Vegas must realize that the gen pop (i.e. general population) is losing faith in the Me-A-Me Heat.  Whatever.

Unlike the Game 6 in Orlando that I watched, Dwyane Wade wasn't sitting as a spectator courtside.  He played tonight for the Miami Heat, and tallied 18 points in 40 minutes of action.  ****  I will admit I like Dwyane Wade, but it's so dificult to root for him with LeBron and Chris Bosh as the balance for the trio.

I didn't get to watch the whole game, but I did watch the last 4 minutes.  I checked the box score and it looks like both teams had balanced scoring.  Who really cares, though.  At the end of the day ~ the Miami Heat lose, another Angel gets his/her wings, and I go to sleep happy.

Miami is now 8-7 after dropping three games in a row!

In honor of the Orlando Magic defeating the Miami Heat tonight, and the fact that it was snowing in Minneapolis this afternoon (i.e. the song mentions "summer") how about we listen to a little music?

Here's "Magic" by The Cars. 

This can't be good for Erik Spoelstra...


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Quick Poll: Who should coach the Miami Heat ~ Riley v Spoelstra?

There has been a lot of chatter about who should be head coach of the Miami Heat. 

I have been a fan of Erik Spoelstra ever since he was on the other end of the bench (i.e. from Pat Riley).  Believe it.  Why?  Because I think he's cute.  ****  In the interest of full-disclosure, I'm half Filipina.  Spoelstra started his career with the Miami Heat as video coordinator and is currently the head coach (i.e. after more or less being hand picked by Riley). 

I never really watched the Miami Heat, until Riley joined them in the mid-90s.  I remember watching the Heat go against the New York Knicks in the late-90s and the physicality of those games.  ****  I'll admit that I probably should have been studying, since I was in medical/graduate school at the time.  Sorry, dad.  Haha.  There's no question that Pat Riley has had amazing success as a head coach.  Riley, the current Miami Heat team president, has won 5 NBA Championships as a head coach (i.e. 6 if you count when he was an assistant). 

Riley made me a Laker fan when I was younger, because I couldn't take my eyes off of Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Byron Scott, and A.C. Green.  ****  Til this day, I have a poster of the Los Angeles Lakers in my mom's house and a framed Magic Johnson picture at my dad's house.  I dare both of them to get rid of either item.  When most girls dreamt about going to the beach or Disney World, I dreamt about going to The Forum.  Incidentally, I never made it to The Forum, but I have been to the Staples Center twice.

It wasn't The Forum, but I was still happy

Back to Miami...

With the trio of Chris Bosh (i.e. I can't believe I just typed his name), Dwyane Wade, and LeBron James performing below public expectations (i.e. notice I said "public" and not "my"), the chatter about a change in leadership has increased in volume...

What do you think?  I remember watching a debate about players v coaches.  A former NBA player argued that players are judged by whether or not they have a NBA Championship ring.  Coaches, he argued, are judged by their win v loss percentage.  In another article a case was made that a coach should be judged by his record v expectations (i.e. games that you should win count less, because you SHOULD HAVE won them anyway).

There's no question that the final score of the Miami Heat v Indiana Pacers, was a game that the public "expected" the Heat to win.  My buddy is in Vegas right now and he texted me that the money line was Indiana +425.  That was a nice pay out for anyone who had the nerve to bet it.  He also texted me that, "Every time the Heat lose, an Angel gets his/her wings."  But I digress...

What do you think?  Do you think Pat Riley could get more out of the Miami Heat (i.e. than Spoelstra) or is it just growing pains as the team develops its own style and rhythm?  Oh, and I have to ask:  Do you think Riley will replace Spoelstra this season?


Monday, November 22, 2010

Erik Dampier might go to the Miami Heat?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHA

If Erik Dampier goes to the Miami Heat, you will be able to hear me laughing...  Count on it.  I feel bad for that guy every time he touches the ball and then loses it through his butter fingers.  He might be the nicest guy in the world (i.e. I've never met him), but he definitely shouldn't be showcased on the Miami stage.    Dampier?!?!  Really?!?!  Erik Dampier to address the loss of Udonis Haslem?  Hahahaha.  That's FUNNY.

I'm not a Miami Heat fan.  I'm a Pat Riley fan, but even I can't understand this move.

One thing is for sure ~ Zydrunas Ilgauskas' starting position at center is almost a LOCK for the rest of the season.  Thank goodness, he's not a back-up anymore.  The horror...


NFL Sunday Funday and some Temple of the Dog

As of now, I have 10 points for the week in my against the spread (ATS) pool...  I don't think it'll be enough for first place.  If you're not first, it doesn't matter where you fall in the line-up so, "oh well".

I went out for Sunday Funday and met about 10 of my favorites out to watch the New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles game.  I'm pretty sure the Eagles won, since my friend (i.e. who was giving me a ride home) wanted to leave before the game ended.

Good times with great friends and as usual, when more people showed up they texted other friends and our group grew.

For you music fans out there, here's a funny exchange... 
Jeff to Amy: Did you get my email about "Temple of the Dog"?
Me (interjecting): Did you send it in 1993?

Who knew Temple of the Dog was touring again?  Not this girl...  Anyway, here's "Hunger Strike" for your listening pleasure.  Yes, I pulled it off of Youtube, just for you.

I'd show you a Indianapolis Colts' highlight (i.e. since it's my favorite team) or a Giants' highlight (i.e. since I watched the game), but let's face it...  Both teams lost, so it doesn't matter.  This Sunday was not a good day for the Mannings (i.e. Eli and Peyton), since both brothers had 3 interceptions. 

There's always "next" week.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sergio Martinez knocks out Paul Williams ~ Pictures and video of rematch

Yesterday I went to Atlantic City for the day.  I went up to make some money on the craps table and possibly go and see the fight between Sergio Martinez and Paul Williams at the Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall.  I wanted to go since it was "close to home" and it was a rematch.  Williams won the first fight, in what has been described as a "controversial decision".

I have never watched the first fight.  I was only concerned with the 2nd one.

I was just in Dallas for the Margarito v Pacquiao fight, so I figured I might as well watch the middleweight championship rematch.  It didn't hurt that in less than 2hours I was already up $500, so why not throw some money at a fight ticket?!?!

It might have taken longer to pick my seat then actually watch the fight.  If not, the pre-fight "hoorah" might have taken longer than the actual fight.  After taking and sorting through so many boxing pictures last week, I decided to put the camera down after the 1st round.  HUGE MISTAKE.  Sergio Martinez and Paul Williams was interesting in the 1st round with both fighters landing punches.  They were holding onto each other though, and I thought that was a little lame.

In the 2nd round, Martinez landed his left and KNOCKED OUT Williams.  Williams landed on the mat face first and I immediately grabbed my camera and started shooting.  Ask me how annoyed I am, that I don't have shots of Williams falling to the mat!?!?!  Ugh.  Mental note. NEVER put my camera down.

Here are my shots from the fight and a video of the activity in the ring after Williams hit the mat.

Maybe some foreshadowing ~
"Good luck Paul Wiliams" sign in the background

The Argentinian, Sergio "Maravilla" Martinez

Before the fight

Ready to rumble

Williams fighting strong

Tangled up and on the ropes

Martinez running around the ring after landing his knock out left,
Williams, who fell face first, is on the mat

Sergio Martinez, wearing a crown, is lifted up

After the fight, it took a few minutes, but Williams was able to get up and do his post-fight interview.  When asked if he remembered what happened, he made some comment about not being able to remember.  Next thing you know the announcer showed him a "replay of what happened".  WOW.  Haha.  Talk about "too soon".  The man just picked himself up off of the mat, and he gets shown his knockout punch.  Funny. 

People are saying that Martinez's left to Williams in the 2nd round, might be the knockout of the year. I hope it was, so I can say, "Yes, I was there."

Before I left Atlantic City, I heard a bunch of cheers.  Martinez was walking through the casino with his people and everyone was cheering.  It was definitely going to be a party for him and his people.  About 10 minutes later, as I was walking out, I ran into them again and as he walked by I congratulated him on his knockout.  I received, a "Thank you," and a big "knockout" smile in return.  If he was a little bit taller, I might have hit the mat also...  He's a good looking man...

Hmmm, that reminds me of Pat Benatar's song, "Hit me with your best shot."  Here you go!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beasley's last shot seals the Timberwolves' win over the Los Angeles Clippers

I wanted a good game tonight between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Minnesota Timberwolves and both teams delivered.  The Clippers were in Minneapolis tonight, and I decided to head to the Target Center to see what the hype is about for Michael Beasley, Kevin Love, and Blake Griffin.  Granted this wasn't the marquee game of the night (i.e. the Suns were visiting the Heat), but I'm very pleased at what I saw.  Plus, if I had stayed in and watched Bosh light it up for 35 points tonight, I might have pulled my own hair out.  Enough about that.

Vinny Del Negro's Clippers went into the game with a record of 1-10.  WOW.  With that young talent, their record is 1-10.  Now, their record is 1-11 after dropping seven games in a row.  ****  I noticed Marc Iavaroni on the bench as an assistant coach...  I wonder what the Clippers' record needs to be, before Marc takes over head coaching responsibilities?  I like Marc.  I remember him from his days in Cleveland.  He's a good guy.  Just saying.

I presume, Vinny is begging Blake to play well to ensure his own job security

OK.  Clippers and Timberwolves...  The game was pretty even throughout.  Minnesota won on its last possession with Michael Beasley scoring his final 2 for a total of 33 points.  Kevin Love was big again in this game with 24 points and 14 boards.  The Clippers' 1-2 punch of Eric Gordon and rookie, Blake Griffin, produced the most offense for the team (i.e. Gordon scored 30, and Griffin had 26).   Griffin might have scored more but he was facing some tough Timberwolves defense.

Griffin getting clobbered by the Timberwolves' defense
I wanted to yell, "Baby Fish Mouth" ~ Do you know the movie reference?

Minnesota's front court of Beasley and Love boxing out Griffin

The game was decided with Beasley's final shot to put the Timberwolves up, 113-111.  Below is a picture of the final, game winning shot.  ****  Sometimes you just have to have your camera ready, when you know something special is going to happen.  Timing is EVERYTHING.

Beasley's final shot that put the Timberwolves up by 2

The Clippers got the ball back with 2.3 seconds to left in the game, but couldn't convert on their last possession. **** If I remember correctly, they went for 3 and missed.

I'm very happy I went out and didn't waste my time on the Phoenix Suns v Miami Heat game.  I'm also excited for the future of the Timberwolves...  I'll definitely be back at the Target Center soon.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Is Erin Barry the other woman receiving Tony Parker's texts? According to Twitter, "YES"

Tis the NBA Season and I guess the time of year to re-evaluate your relationships and go through a divorce.  According to Bryan Armen Graham's tweet (twitter id: BryanAGraham) it looks as though Erin Barry (i.e. Brent Barry's wife) is the "other woman".  Brent Barry and Tony Parker are former San Antonio Spurs teammates.  Moreover, it looks as though the Barry's might also be going through a divorce as well.  ****  After denying the divorce rumors yesterday, People is reporting that Eva Longoria filed for divorce in California, after seeing numerous text messages between Tony and a "mutual friend".
Well, like it looks like NBA divorces are like celebrity deaths...  They come in 3s... 

Don't even get me started on the alleged former teammate "switcheroo"...  I don't have the strength right now to deal with the irony.  ****  Oh, and in my opinion, Brent Barry is much hotter than Tony Parker, so if I have to call "dibbs" now, I'm picking Brent.

From what I've read, Tony and Eva had a pre-nup...  I wonder if Eva negotiated and had a fidelity clause put in.  It would've been the smart thing to do...  Just saying (i.e. wink, wink).  ****  For the record, in case anyone's curious, I don't sign prenups.  Never have and never will.  If you think that we're going to divorce, don't propose to me.

Like I said, NBA WAGS, hold onto your men...


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Clippers visit the Timberwolves tomorrow night ~ Griffin visits Beasley and Love

The last time I saw the Los Angeles Clippers play, I was in Las Vegas and it was during NBA Summer League.  Baron Davis and Blake Griffin didn't play and the NBDL All-Stars won the final game over the Los Angeles Clippers on a last second, buzzer beater.

Just like in Las Vegas, Baron Davis, won't be playing tomorrow night.  However, there are at least two key differences.  For one, the competition for the Clippers will be the Minnesota Timberwolves.  The Timberwolves' Michael Beasley and Kevin Love have been playing TOUGH.  ****  If you haven't heard about Beasley's scoring (42 one night, followed by 35 the next) and Love's 31-31 performance, then you're not a true basketball sports fan. 

Another difference is that Blake Griffin will be playing, and I'm curious to see him on the court.  It's his rookie season, and I plan to take advantage of the game tomorrow in Minneapolis to see if anything special happens.  Hopefully, the folks at the Target Center are treated to a show.  Personally, I'm tired of missing the Timberwolves highlights and having to watch them on TV.

No street clothes for Blake Griffin tomorrow

The "good" news is that tickets for Timberwolves' games aren't that difficult to get.  I just did a Stubhub search and Row 1 on the sidelines is $140. Face value is $200.  Therefore, I'd be willing to bet I can get a scalper to sell it to me for less than $100.  Now that I think about it, I might be able to get a free one...  Regardless, I'm not too concerned about where my seat is for the game.  I looked at the Ticketmaster seating chart of available seats and it looks like the 11th hour of a game of Battleship with my brother (i.e. plenty of seats available).  ****  Yes, I used to cheat and move my ships.  I could do that because I tracked his hits and misses.  Whatever.  We were young.


If Butler loses tonight, do people care about a Duke rematch on December 4?

I got a text earlier today from my friend, Trey.  He said that I must be  loving the 24 hours of college basketball on TV.  I am!  College basketball has been on my TV for hours now.  ****  I went to work and the games were still on. 

Duke is beating Miami (OH) right now and Butler is in a good one against Louisville.  I wonder if Butler is going to be able to pull off the same amazing performance it did last season.  I need to check the roster, stop typing, and watch this game. 

I've had my ticket for the #1 Duke v #18 Butler rematch, at the Izod Center, on December 4th for months now. I just checked last night and the game time is set for 3:15PM.

As someone who's always been concerned and interested in ticket prices, I anticipate ticket prices falling for the December 4th match-up if Butler loses to Louisville tonight.  Right now, #18 Butler is losing and the score is 15-26.  Hmmm, maybe I'm losing interest in the rematch...  It might be time to see what tickets are going for on Stubhub.  Maybe I'll sell mine.


Tony Parker and Eva Longoria ~ Another NBA divorce? C'est la vie

Word is getting out that Tony Parker and Eva Longoria are getting divorced.  To be fair, there's also a conflicting report from Longoria's camp, that the rumor is false.  Who knows.  Usually, where there's smoke there's fire.  I don't know the specifics of their relationship.  All I can think is, "Hmmm, another NBA failed marriage... " ****  Earlier this week, Steve Nash announced that he was getting a divorce.

A relationship with an NBA player is hard enough.  I know.  I was with an NBA player for more than 4 years.  I was engaged, planned a wedding, and ultimately cancelled a wedding.  Fun.  Fun.  Fun.  All that glitters isn't gold, and the "Glamorous Life" comes with its own set of unique issues.

Do you know what it's like to see your ex on TV when you're on a date?  Do you know how it feels when you're on a date and you're new love interest starts berating or championing your ex's skills on the court?  Do you know what it's like to be haunted by the voice and sight of a 7 foot ghost from your past?  I do, and it's awesome (i.e. that's sarcasm, people)...  Another thing I do know is that life goes on, and it all gets BETTER.

I'm not going to speculate as to why these relationships failed.  I just wish everyone the best as they rebuild and move onto their new lives.  ****  Word of advice, if you're ever in this situation.  Keep the ring.  Trust me.  He doesn't need it. 

I wonder if NBA divorces come in 3s (i.e. like celebrity deaths).  Wives in the NBA, you might want to keep an eye on your man...  Just saying.

If you want the TMZ story, here you go:

Update: Well it seems like the rumor may not be true.  Personally, I don't care either way.  Like I said, I wish every married, NBA couple the best.  OK, maybe not EVERY married, NBA couple (i.e. let's be real).  Regardless of whether or not Tony and Eva are divorcing isn't that relevant, since the sentiment of the post is still valid. 


Beats, Rhymes, and Life: The Story of A Tribe Called Quest ~ Documentary to debut "soon"

Let's take a break from sports and do music for a minute.

On Sunday, my friend, Kevin, picked A Tribe Called Quest (ATCQ) on the jukebox (i.e. is that what they call them still) and my friend, John, picks "Can I Kick it?"...  Today, I get the trailer to ATCQ's new documentary brought attention my attention...  Weird, right?!?!  I told you that I'm LUCKY and strange, coincidental things happen to me!  I swear I can sense things, and that the universe just gives me stuff...

Have any of you "Rock(ed) the Bells"?  I did in August 2008.  I went to the Rock the Bells show in 2008 when it was out in the Bay Area.  For those of you that don't know, I used to guest blog on another site.  Actually, I could've sworn I'd done a post about the show years ago, but as I look through the archives I don't see it.  Ugh.  Here we go, from scratch.  Talk about testing my memory...

**** I had been hearing about the tour from my friend over and over and over again, and I'll admit that I hadn't been paying attention.  Next thing I knew I was visiting my brother in South Beach and he asked me if I knew anything about the Rock the Bells show because he wanted to go.  Seriously?!?!  Very strange.  He's a music guy, but I had no idea that he'd want to see A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Mos Def, and De La Soul...  Sure enough, it took a phone call, but I had him set up.  My brother was texting me pictures from the stage.  What the...  Um, yeah...  I decided that if I could work the flights, I'd make the trip, and as usual ~ it all worked out (i.e. or "wirked" out).

Til this day I remember flying home from Dallas (i.e. where I had some company meetings at the office in Las Colinas, near the mustangs) only to hop on a plane the following day to head to San Francisco.  I was going to spend one night only in the "Yay" to see what all the hype was about.  ****  Now that I think about it, I actually didn't even sleep that night.  By the time the show ended, it was already late and after we all grabbed food, I went straight to the airport to make sure I that I didn't miss my early morning return flight home.  What can I say?  I sleep on planes...

I was invited to Rock the Bells by a friend of mine named Gary Harris.   At the venue, he mentioned that Michael Rapaport would be around filming, since he was shooting a documentary about A Tribe Called Quest.  Well, according to the trailer I saw today, the documentary is called, "Beats, Rhymes, and Life: The Story of A Tribe Called Quest". I was at the show on August 16, 2008 in San Francisco.  I was backstage, onstage, and in the crowd taking in the scene.  ****  I even spent a few minutes in ATCQ's trailer after the show, while waiting for everyone to finish up, so we could leave.  While backstage, I actually met Michael Rapaport (i.e. very briefly).  He was polite, but it was obvious that the man wasn't there to socialize.  He was there working and capturing footage.

When I landed at SFO (i.e. the San Francisco Airport) I went straight to the Four Seasons in Palo Alto to meet up with the crew and head to the show.  At the show I was happy to see such a great turn out.  De La Soul did "Me, Myself, and I" and til this day it take me back to high school.

Here's a quick video of the De La Soul performing some of Me, Myself, and I:

As for the rest of the show Method Man and Redman were entertaining. **** I'm not lying when I say everywhere I turned, I swear Redman was right there.  I can recognize Murs in less than a second when I see him on TV, since I saw him walking around backstage.  I also met Jay Electronica who just this week was signed to Roc Nation (i.e. Jay-Z's label) this week.  In the picture, you can see Jay Electronica taking pictures of Method Man and Redman performing.  Nas performed also, but I've already voiced my feelings on his music in an earlier post so I'm not giving him any more time in this blog.

Now back to ATCQ and Michael Rapaport's documentary...  Like I said. I went to the show in 2008, but it's been on my radar since then.  When I was at the show, I saw the chemistry (i.e. or lack there of) on stage between Q-tip and Phife Dawg.  I saw Q-Tip move towards Phife, and watched as Phife more or less refused to take the "charge".  In the world of basketball, Phife would've been called for blocking since his feet definitely weren't set.  The move looked aggressive.  There were rumblings of some drama backstage before ATCQ hit the stage...  Don't get me wrong.  It was a good performance, but something didn't feel right.  It felt "tense".  ****  ATCQ would latercancel their next performance in Denver.

ATCQ (L to R): Jarobi, Q-Tip, and Phife Dawg
(not pictured Ali Shaheed Muhammad)

Based on the trailer (i.e. which unfortunately I cannot embed and include in this post right now), I can tell you that Rapaport's footage and construction of the film will not disappoint.  My friend, Gary Harris is the Music Supervisor of the project and based on his music history and "ear" I will personally guarantee that it will be top notch.  The trailer I saw left me wanting more... 

And..   Just in case you don't trust my taste in music and film, you should know that rumor that the film as already been accepted as a 2011 Sundance Film Festival submission....  If you ask me, this documentary has "WINNER" written all over it.

****  If you want to read, Gary's personal recap of the Rock the Bells show from back in 2008, here's the link:  All I can say, is that the show's lineup and that the trip to the Yay to Rock the Bells was well worth it! 


Monday, November 15, 2010

Redskins are getting rolled by the Eagles on MNF

I'm watching the Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins game and can't believe my eyes.  On a day when I heard that the Washington Redskins gave Donovan McNabb a 5 year/$78 million dollar deal, the Redskins are getting rolled. WOW.  It's 50something to basically nothing right now (i.e. 59-28) with just under 6 minutes left in the 4th quarter, and I'm looking out the window at the stars trying to understand how and why McNabb (i.e. who's lack of cardio got him pulled at the end of a game <---  Seriously?!?!  Am I really supposed to believe that?) earned such a sweet deal.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not hating.  I'm for everyone getting as much money as they can, for whatever it is they do.  But wow...  This performance on MNF is abysmal, and almost makes me want to change the channel.  That's right, "almost".  I want to see if the Eagles score 70+ tonight.

I was at the first meeting of the teams at Lincoln Financial Field, and I wouldn't have predicted this outcome for tonight.  Oh well.  One thing is for sure, I feel bad for the folks at FedEx Field, who are sitting in the rain...


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Margarito and accusations of cheating ~ Ephedra and Hydroxycut talk

I went out tonight to catch up with a bunch of friends and get their reactions to the Antonio Margarito v Manny Pacquiao fight.  A few of them started talking about Ephedra and Hydroxycut.  That reminded me of the Tweet that I saw before the fight about Margarito (i.e something about not being able to last through 3 anthems and a Nelly concert, even with Ephedra and a pill).  Huh?!!?  Since I was at the fight, this was all news to me.

From what I can piece together, evidently someone in Pacquiao's camp saw something and/or was alerted of something that looked suspicious.  I have no idea what happened pre-fight, with regard to the accusations, but I do know that Freddie Roach watched as Margarito's hands were wrapped.  I know because they showed it on the screen...

Is it just me, or does it seem like controversy follows the Margarito (i.e. or should I say, Margacheato) camp?  Maybe, it was "Just a Dream" (i.e. insert Nelly reference)...

Here's a pic of Nelly from the screen from the night of the fight.  He was on the opposite side of the floor.  Whoever the genius was, that decided not to raise the small stage, made a mistake.

Back to boxing...  Whatever the case may be, Margarito lost by unanimous decision and has a broken orbital bone...  Ouch!


Margarito v Pacquiao fight ~ Videos, pictures, and PacMan wins!

Last night I went to my 3rd event that the new Cowboys Stadium (i.e I have already hit last season's Cowboys NFC Wildcard game and last season's NBA All-Star game).  This time I was there for my first boxing match. 

That's right.  I'm spoiled.  My first fight was in Dallas (i.e. ok, Arlington) and at the new Cowboys Stadium, because I couldn't resist the allure of the Antonio Margarito v Manny Pacquiao fight...  I had to watch it LIVE. 

As I settled into the scene at the stadium, I took advantage of my prime location to scan the crowd for celebrities.  I saw two of the guys from HBO's Entourage series (i.e. Kevin Dillon and Jeremy Piven).  I've been at the same place as Kevin Dillon before though, so the novelty has worn off a bit. 

Jeremy Piven and I

As for other notables in the crowd, of course Jerry Jones was there.  When he walked out next to me, I swear he was with Wade Phillips.  I need to look it up, but they walked to the other side of the ring where the media was sitting.  I looked at the huge screen, and I still think I'm right about it.  I mentioned this to's boxing writer and TV commentator, Dan Rafael, this morning on flight back from Dallas, and he wasn't sure I was right ~ but, I think I am...  I'd bet on it. 

Here are 2 other pictures that I took during the fight, of the big screen, that show Wade Phillips sitting next to Jerry Jones.

Wade Phillips and Jerry Jones

Looks like Wade Phillips to me

Ok.  Enough about that, back to the fight...  With a great seat to the fight, and my camera in tow, here are a few of the pictures and the videos I shot.

The Philippine flag and Pacquiao in the ring

You can see Margarito is cut

The punch from Pacquiao that cut Margarito

Margarito on offense

Margarito with a punch to the head

Pacquiao blocking Margarito's punch

Pacquiao's corner in between rounds

My view

Ouch ~ Margarito definitely landed that one

End of the the 11th round, Margarito's right eye is DONE

Told you

Start of the 12th and final round

Manny looked like he let up, but was punching STILL

The end ~ Pacquiao won!

The irony of the poster...  Come on, Mayweather ~ let's fight!

The final interview for Margarito, he fought until the end

Pacquiao leaving the ring and walking out of the stadium

Final picture of the night

If you're a boxing fan, you really need to go see Pacquiao fight.  He's amazing...  "They" weren't kidding when they said, "speed kills". 

Those are the best pictures, I took. Hope you enjoyed them. 
Now here are the videos from last night's adventure.

Video: Antonio Margarito entering the stadium:

Video: Manny Pacquiao entering the stadium:

Video: Manny Pacquiao unleashing on Antonio Margarito:

Video: End of the fight, Margarito returns to his corner, while Pacquiao is lifted by a team member:

Manny Pacquiao won the WBC junior middleweight title (i.e. his 8th title in an 8th weight class) and I was there to witness this historic event.  I saw a quote earlier today on my friend Kathy's facebook page and it struck me.  The quote my friend posted was, ""Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity...why would you be realistic...what's the point of being realistic? Fortunately the Wright Brothers didn't believe in being realistic." ~ Will Smith

The last guy I went out with, in Dallas, and I used to debate the virtue of being optimistic v realistic.  Yes, I realize that the quote is from Will Smith...  However, I have to believe that as a boy in the Philippines, if it wasn't for Pacquiao being hardworking and optimistic, we wouldn't have been treated to such a special talent.  Therefore, I'd argue that being realistic is not necessarily a good thing.  STILL.

Boxing.  I just might be "hooked"... 

Like my pictures and videos?  Here's the camera I have that I used.  I've had this camera for over a year now and I love it.  ****  For some reason, a little puff of smoke comes out of the top of it, when I shoot pictures.  I think it's just because my pictures are HOT!!!!  :-P