Monday, June 27, 2011

Catching a ball only takes a second ~ "Catching Hell" can last a lifetime

Bartman.  What does that name mean to you?  Do you even know who I'm talking about?  Maybe you're thinking about the Simpsons.  Maybe you have no idea.  However, if you're from Chicago or love the Cubs, you probably know who and what I'm talking about.

I like baseball, but it's not my favorite sport.  I'm from Ohio and rooted for the Red and the Indians when I was growing up.  I'm not a lifelong Cubs fan.   I've always told myself that I wanted my own Wiki page, but I guess I should be careful about what I wish for.  For those of you that don't know or need some background, here's a link to the Steve Bartman incident.  If you'd rather cut and paste the link to stay in this window, here you are:

October 14, 2003.  Steve Bartman instinctively (i.e. along with  the people sitting near him) tried to catch a foul ball.  Unlike other people around him, Bartman got a piece of the ball and unfortunately, Moises Alou missed the catch.  After that, depending on who you talk to, EVEN THOUGH the Chicago Cubs were leading at the time, Bartman cost the Cubs Game 6, and the National League Championship series (i.e. even though there was a Game 7 that still needed to be played).

I'm not going to go into the specifics of the game.  Check the box scores and play by play and you'll see that the Florida Marlins' bats were HOT and that the Cubs were making mistakes.  I'm a gambler by nature and I believe in luck.  I believe in coolers, that dice have memory, and some dealers have signatures.  I'm not going to blame Bartman for the Cubs demise, because I also have an appreciation for the technical nature of baseball and interest in sports psychology.

I find athletes fascinating in their ability to come from behind to win and at other times choke away leads.  I think athletes and other high-achievers can follow their own self-fulfilling prophecy through hard work and WILL.  I believe that the crowd can influence the outcome of a game as well.  Ever been in sleepy arenas or in a crowd where everyone is yelling and hyped up?  Don't tell me that that doesn't play a factor in the minds of the players and vice versa.  Regardless, I do believe in luck, both good and bad.

I have no idea what it would feel like to have so many people in a ballpark dislike me.  I have no idea what it would feel like to have people seek me out to harm and to abuse me.  I have no idea how Bartman, aside from his apology, has managed to stay silent about his feelings towards the entire incident.  To be the object of a ballpark and city's REJECTION had to be incredible (i.e. in the literal sense of the word).  Individual people can be cruel, but to be the target and victim of individuals with a "gang mentality" has to be terrifying.  No one wants to be the butt of a joke, and to have people dress up like you for Halloween had to be a surreal experience.

I screened Alex Gibney's latest film, "Catching Hell", last week as part of the AFI/Discovery Channel Silverdocs film festival in Silver Spring, Maryland (i.e. Washington, DC).  I screened it because sports have obviously slowed down for me and I wanted to review another film.  I was also curious about the Bartman story because I didn't know it.

"I'd rather eat rat poison than relive that moment," was the comment I received from my friend, Bryan Erwin.  ****  This is a picture of us, when a group of us went to the Cubs home opener in 2010.  Bryan lives and dies with each Cubs W or L.  I immediately thought to invite him when I decided to attend the screening and I couldn't have been more shocked by his reaction.  After all these year, the mere mention of the Bartman incident opened up old wounds.

To the casual observer, sports are on the periphery of one's life.  However, for the devoted fan, sports are a part of his/her soul.  You feel the game in your bones.  Your heart races, drops, and or skips a beat if you're full ingrained in the action on the field, in the ring, on the court, etc.

People cope in different ways.  Some people internalize, some people externalize, and other will point to someone and assign blame.  In a time when television and digital cameras are as prevalent as hot dogs, there's no such thing as anonymity.  Big brother or someone is almost always watching so you better be camera ready...  If your moment is "compelling enough", a replay of the video or your photos with show over and over and over and over and over...

Unfortunately for him, Bartman's video and pictures in the cubs hat, green turtleneck, and headphone are burned into peoples' brains.  He has had more than his 15 minutes of "fame".  Just last week I was watching Pardon the Interruption, and Bartman's name came up.  Maybe it's time we "let it go" and learn a lesson from the experience ~ that is, after you watch the movie.

The narrator of the film poses an interesting question as the film weaves in the story of  the Boston Red Sox  organization and the Bill Buckman story.  Maybe as suggested, once the Chicago Cubs win the World Series, Bartman will be forgiven.  However, will Bartman forgive Chicago?  I guess we will never know, because he isn't talking...

According to producer, Gary Cohen, "Catching Hell" will air on ESPN on September 27.


Friday, June 24, 2011

The 2011 NBA Draft was a yawner ~ Might as well try to laugh about it

For the sake of being comprehensive here are my favorite tweets from the NBA Draft that was held on Thursday night.  Yes, it was boring ~ so the least we can do is laugh at it.  Enjoy!

  • JayBilas - Because it was a weak Draft, I took a shot every time I said "wingspan". I was out on my feet by the ninth pick.
  • THEWIRK - Is the movie "The Air Up There" shown on planes or listed as a favorite movie in media guide for any NBA scouts?!?! Just curious. #NBADRAFT
  • Blackwolf303 King Timoteohuacan  - How much wud, cud a chukwudibere chuk, if a chukwudibere cud chuk wud? #NBA
  • THEWIRK - Isiah Thomas was the last name I heard watching the #NBADRAFT. Great. Sleeping w/lights on tonight. Guaranteed nightmares... Yuck.
  • THEWIRK - #NBADRAFT is getting really weird. Fran Fraschilla earning his money now. Who's the international scout for the #Twolves? Carmen SanDiego?
  • THEWIRK - It's not fair to refer to Kyrie Irving as Cleveland's New King. Just because LeBron wanted that moniker, doesn't mean Irving does. #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - Somebody remind Jeff Van Gundy that Rashard Lewis is a #Wizard... #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - @thenyknicks David Bowie is excited to have Iman also... Wait. What are we talking about?!?!
  • THEWIRK - Wait. A Michigan player just got drafted before an Ohio State Buckeye. Grrrr. #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - #Bobcats Jeremy Tyler might be more well-travelled & versed in internat'l affairs than a certain female politician from Alaska. #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - Jordan #Williams was just being compared to Mike #Sweetney. That can't be good. #Nets #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - Shelvin #Mack just got picked up by the #Wizards. I like it. Mack can play. #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - #Singler is another guy that will have to get used to a less successful program now that he's in the #NBADRAFT #sothisiswhatlosingfeelslike
  • THEWIRK - #Pistons take #Singler. I'm sure he won't stick out in Detroit. He should've come out last year. Trick shot? No one cares. #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - #Harper is going to the #Cavs and no, we're not talking about "Ron"... #NBADRAFT
  • thesportsgeeks - Someone tell Tom Penn that calling the heat a "dynasty" might be a little premature.
  • THEWIRK - #heat picked #bogdanovich. People will start hating him right about "now" since he joined the unholy union. #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - #Spurs take #Joseph from Texas. Bilas says he has big hands and isn't a finisher. He's prob too young to play w/vets anyway. #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - The team with the most guards wins, right?!?! #Twolves #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - #Bulls need someone who isn't soft and close out games in the playoffs... Come on, Bulls. Never mind. Pick going to #Twolves #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - #Celtics get Marshon #Brooks. Well, Bilas seems to like him. Wait. Bilas just said Brooks "doesn't guard". #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - Do you know your wingspan? #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - #Thunder get Reggie #Jackson. Guy hasn't been weighed/measured and isn't in bldg. Next commercial, I'm measuring my wingspan. #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - #rockets take #mirotic and there's basically silence. I think people are using the google app on their phones right now. #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - #Nuggets at 22 take #Faried and the Newark, NJ crowd goes "wild". Well, at least they got excited for their hometown guy. #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - Nolan #Smith heading to Portland #Trailblazers... I like it. More fire power. #NBADRAFT
  • jadande - " A conscientious objector on the glass"? "Seems not to care?" Congrats, T-Wolves
  • THEWIRK - Doesn't say much when a teammate said the coach used Brian Skinner over #Montiejunas' apathy. I remember Skinner as a Cav. Meh. #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - Was David Stern actually laughing when he announced the #Twolves were taking #Montiejunas from Lithuania? #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - Tobias #Harris is in the bldg but not in the green room. Does that mean he was sitting in the stands? He's headed to #Bobcats #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - #Wizards take #Singleton from fsu. All the guys in green room have been taken. Wonder how it feels to be picked last. Exhale. #NBADRAFT
  • jadande -  RT @ESPNForsberg: Knicks fans pumped about Shumpert:
  • TheBillWalton (The Bill Walton Trip) - With the 17th pick, Isiah Thomas selects Iman Shumpert as drunken Knicks fans voice their displeasure.
  • THEWIRK - #Knicks at 17 take #Shumpert. Oh my. He's not even in there. Not good. I looked away, but I think Spike Lee said, "WHAT!?" #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - Of course Spike Lee is the bldg and ready for the #Knicks pick. #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - Vucevic headed to Philly... #Sixers Can't wait to see him on that Kardashian show with Odom. Kidding! #NBADRAFT
  • sam_amick - That's phenomenal. Draft order consistent with birth order - Markieff just ahead of Marcus.
  • THEWIRK - The #rockets are still a franchise? Marcus #Morris selected. Morris twins/brothers go one after the other. #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - Jay Bilas reminding us that the #Suns like picking the lesser of the twins (e.g. Lopez brothers) Markieff Morris, welcome to phx. #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - #suns take #Morris at 13. Where are my suns fans? Is that going to help? Crap. Stuart Scott just said his brother is better. #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - Wait. As long as there are "quality" International players on the board, I must persevere! #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - Now is one of those times when I wish teams would just "pass" if there's nothing/no one that they really want who's available. #NBADRAFT
  • sportspickle - Please don't pan down. Mychal Thompson is probably wearing short-shorts.
  • THEWIRK - #jazz take #burks. I think I might stop watching. No idea who these guys are anymore. #NBADRAFT
  • ESPN_Colin (Colin Cowherd) - Jimmer to Sacramento. Well, I guess this is the last time any of us see the kid #kingsaretvratingspoison
  • THEWIRK - Thompson to the GSW #warriors #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - The #jimmerjam doesn't exactly look like the place to be... Oh well. Welcome to the NBA. #NBADRAFT
  • TheBillWalton (The Bill Walton Trip) - While walking up to the podium, Kemba Walker pulled a drop step on David Stern, breaking the commissioners fragile ankles. Simply amazing!
  • THEWIRK - #Bobcats are getting to be hotter... #Kemba Walker headed their way! @CharlesOakley34 you have to like that! #NBADRAFT
  • TheBillWalton (The Bill Walton Trip)  - Stuart Scott said that Brandon Knight took some college courses in High School. Ironically he didn't take any college courses at Kentucky.
  • THEWIRK - Welcome to Motown, Brandon #Knight... #Pistons #NBADRAFT
  • thesportsgeeks - The number one Google search tonight will be "Jan Vesely girlfriend".
  • THEWIRK - #vesely to the #wizards #NBADRAFT alright... I guess we'll see him in a dunk contest or a kissing booth "soon".
  • fauxjohnmadden - Coming to ESPN in 2017: The Decision 2.. Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson both get the hell out of Cleveland
  • sportspickle - I had Lithuanian League Pass on DirecTV. I think Valanciunas has potential.
  • THEWIRK - Valanciunas said his game is close Chris #Bosh... Yikes! It's probably a language issue. #raptors #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - Labas, Valanciunas! Welcome to Toronto. Guess I'm moving to Canada... Where's my passport. #raptors #NBADRAFT
  • sportspickle - Greatest Canadian basketball players ever: 1) Steve Nash; 2) Tristan Thompson; 3) Bill Wennington; 4) Uh ... Gretzky?
  • jadande - "he just needs to learn how to play" um, not what I want to hear about a No. 4 pick
  • THEWIRK - Tristan Thompson? Um, ok. here I come... #Cavs #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - Enes #Kanter just got picked by the #jazz. Now who will the #Cavs take at 4? Is Okur still with the Jazz? Turkish connection? #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - Anyone see #Rambis in the #Twolves war room? #NBADRAFT
  • THEWIRK - #Timberwolves took Derrick Williams. I didn't know he was a guard?!?! #NBADRAFT
  • fauxjohnmadden - Kyrie Irving goes #1 overall to the Cleveland Cavaliers. This officially ends Irving's shot at a successful professional career.
  • THEWIRK - Does Fran Fraschilla need an assistant? I'm good with International players. #NBADRAFT

I saw a tweet that said that the Cavs Draft Party was a success.  I really don't see how that's possible.  The draft ended up being so boring that I hope there were plenty of food and beverages for the Cleveland faithful.  If not, I'd imagine a stampede to the doors after the Cavs made their picks and the strange picks started.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

2011 NBA Draft brings hope to Cleveland Cavs fans ~ Tickets still available

One of these days I'm going to go watch the NBA Draft in person.  ****  Interestingly enough, I've actually been introduced to the "hat lady" a year or so ago.  If you've watched the draft in previous years or are in the know, you know who I'm talking about. 

For those of you that are in the area or are interested in attending tonight's draft at the Prudential Center, tickets are still available on Ticketmaster.  Here's the link:

I just did a quick check and one ticket in section 1, row 17 is going for $40.60 (i.e. not including fees, etc.).

It's no secret that tonight's draft is a weak one.  As an Ohioan who spent most of my young adult life "close to" the Cleveland Cavaliers, I'm excited to see them make their picks.  I'm predicting that the Cleveland Cavaliers take Kyrie Irving and Enes Kanter.  I know Irving has had foot problems, and I know the "agony of the feet" that Cleveland Cavs fans have experienced.  I've seen them, and I know them all too well. 

There are a few stories about tonight's draft (e.g. foot problems, International players, and 7 foot centers from Lithuania)..  Hmm...  For kicks, let's flashback to the 1996 draft and Zydrunas Ilgauskas.  Remember this clip? 

The NBA Draft can bring hope to a city, franchise, and fans and along with a couple of smart selections ~ the Cavs need hope.  ****  Incidentally, 1996 was the year when guard, Allen Iverson,  went #1. 

I will be watching the draft on TV and following it on Twitter.  If you're not on Twitter and following the draft, you're missing out on some extremely comedic tweets!  Don't say that I didn't give you a "head's up".  I usually laugh all night long!


Sade in Concert ~ No Ordinary Show, Washington DC

Whoever said that you have to dance half-naked on a stage and master tricky choreography in order to hold the attention of an audience was LYING.  Sade proved that last night.  I'm not discounting the talent behind other performers that I enjoy watching in concert, but Sade's performance was a unique, quiet storm that made you take notice of her for all the right reasons.  In a time where people are on game shows and handed out awards for having "talent", Sade proves that true talent is still appreciated by a more discerning audience.

I'll admit right now, that I'm not the biggest Sade fan.  I like her music.  I'm a huge fan of her Lovers Rock cd.  ****  Notice I wrote "cd" and not "album".  When she came out with Sweetest Taboo, I remember my dad liking the song.  I thought it was boring many years ago, but I found myself singing along last night.

The visuals of her stage set up were subtle yet striking and yet there were times when the nature backdrops were so serene that you felt as if you were in a spa just relaxing.  There's no question that the woman can sing.  There was no doubt that she has been missed by her audience.  Towards the end of her show, she alluded to this by saying that she wasn't sure when she'd see everyone again (i.e. alluding to no current plans to come out and tour again).  People only showed their love more as a way to persuade her to reconsider. 

As I was debating yesterday on whether to go to the show (i.e. at the Verizon Center in Washington DC), I was chuckling to myself that seeing Sade perform is similar to seeing Halley's comet.  You don't have many chances to see it/her so when given the opportunity you MUST.

John Legend opened up for her and ended with Green Light.  The crowd at that point was definitely "Ready to go..." 

Sade sang for about 2 hours.  I wasn't keeping time officially, but I looked at my watch periodically to "time check" her.  She performed the hits I liked, "Smooth Operator", "All About Our Love", "By Your Side", etc.  She didn't perform "Slave Song", which was slightly disappointing since that song gives me chills and I would've loved to have seen her perform it live.

During the show, I couldn't help but notice that Sade resembles Gloria Estefan.  I can't be alone in seeing the similarity, can I?

Enough about the show.  Go and see her for yourself.  As I mentioned, who knows when you'll have this opportunity again?

As usual, I took the pictures that I'm using in this post.  Enjoy!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beats, Rhymes, and Life: The Travels With a Tribe Called Quest ~ DC Screening

I've written at least a couple of posts (i.e. for this blog) about the Beats, Rhymes, and Life: The Travels With a Tribe Called Quest documentary, so of course I had to venture out last night for the Washington, DC screening at the AFI-Discovery Channel Silverdocs Documentary Festival.

For those of you that don't know the background, I'd seen A Tribe Called Quest in 2008 in the Bay Area.  I have a good friend, Gary Harris (aka the Insideplaya), who's friends with the group, and he had invited me out to Rock the Bells.  Backstage during the show I was also introduced to Michael Rapaport, who was filming for this movie at the time.  This movie is his directorial debut.

Seeing as that I had/have somewhat of an inside peek into the dynamics of the group and a very small part of the process, I've been following this project closely.  Last night I finally went full-circle and saw the final product.

Tickets weren't available on-line, when I looked, so I knew I needed to get to the theatre early.  I was first in-line in the standby line, but was "rescued" when a man handed me a free ticket.  The two girls behind me said they were "blessed" to get into the screening.  The 4th girl in line probably would like to punch me (i.e. I'm sure she'd argue that she was in front of me), because she didn't get in.  ****  She left to go to the bathroom, and when she returned to the line, I offered to let her have her spot back.  She said it was fine.  Oops!

The screening was at 8:45PM.  I couldn't get an accurate answer from any of the volunteers with regard to capacity of the theatre, but I'd estimate about 20 rows with about 20 seats across.  The theatre had to bring in extra folding chairs to accommodate the people with passes (e.g. industry, press, special guests, film makers) and ticket holders interested in the movie.

As I watched the movie and journeyed into hip-hop history, I enjoyed the music of the movie.  The music is a character in this film (i.e. similar to NYC being a character in the Sex and the City series).  Interviews with the band, one-liners from Phife, and footage from the past performances  all came together to tell a story and form the "soundtrack".  The film's music and imagery complemented the story and led people in the crowd through their own musical, life story (i.e. evidenced by people singing along to "Buddy" and laughing at all the outfits from costumes past).

People rode the wave of the ATCQ's travels and musicology and seemed to relate to the story of the band members.  The audience seemed to understand and empathize with the personality conflicts and other issues, just as cousins empathize with the issues that surround brothers and sisters.  ATCQ is a family.  Families get along well some times and families feud some times.  That's life.  Life is long and has its ups and downs.  Friendships come and go, but family is family and in times of need - families come together.

The overall sentiment at the end of the documentary, appears to be of hope.  For those of you that don't know.  ATCQ has one more record left on their deal...

Excellent directorial debut.  Captivating movie.  I didn't want it to end.  I hope the story isn't over.  Based on the questions and answer session held after the screening, it looks I am not alone...  People still love ATCQ, and I think that if they watch the movie ~ people will love that too.  Every good story has some laughs, makes you think, and honestly I think I heard a girl crying in the theatre last night...  If you like ATCQ, hip-hop, or just enjoy a good human story I recommend you check the movie out.

Here's a link to the release dates:


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Photos from Game 6, Mavs v Heat ~ Mavericks win the 2011 NBA Championship

By now we all know how Game 6 between the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat went down.  I don't feel like rehashing it.  I do feel like I should share some of my favorite images from the game.  It's taken me far too long to download these and post them.  Sorry!

Heat player introductions

Dwyane Wade hugs his mom before the game starts

These Cavs/Mavs shirts are actually sold out...
Plenty of Mavs fans in the building

2011 NBA Champion trophy presentation

Dirk Nowitzki is MVP.  Bill Russell is about to present the trophy.

Dirk shows the fans his trophy long after the game has ended.

Finally, Cuban speaks...  He's one happy owner!

I almost forgot.  Here's a video for you.  The Miami Heat Dancers are the best dance team I've ever seen ~ and I've been to many arenas.  For those of you that haven't seen them do their thing.  Here you are.  Don't say that I never gave you anything.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'd like to meet Mike Tyson

I was traveling earlier today and I called to check-in with my dad, since I saw he called me.  Here's part of the conversation.

Dad: They (i.e. Grand Victoria Casino and Resort) called and invited me to meet Mike Tyson, but I told them I don't care.
Me: Really...  He just got into the Boxing Hall of Fame last week.
Dad: So? I'm probably in a Hall of Fame somewhere.
Me: You know I have a sports blog, right?
Dad: Ok, I'll call them back.

So, needless to say (i.e. if the weather cooperates and I'm not too tired) I will go home for Father's Day and (i.e. my dad and I) will meet Mike Tyson this weekend.  Fingers crossed I have the energy!


A few iPhone pics from Game 6 of the 2011 NBA Finals ~ Mavericks win!

Yes, I went to the Game 6 of the NBA finals.  Yes, I saw the Dallas Mavericks defeat the Miami Heat for the 2011 NBA Championship.  Yes, I have pictures from my camera to post. 

These are a few pictures from my iPhone.  One is the view from my seat.  The other is the NBA Finals crew of Stuart Scott, Jon Barry, Michael Wilbon, and Magic Johnson.  The last one is of the two Miami Heat fans behind me.

No, I don't have the energy to write up my thoughts now.  I will go through my camera and do a more comprehensive post before Sunday.  I PROMISE.

Patience, please.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dirk WIRK stickers, signs, and shirts ~

The past few days have been busy because I've been slammed at work, but I know I need to post before things I want to put out there become less relevant.

As I was leaving the Cubs v Phillies game on Thursday, my friend (i.e. Mandy) sent me a picture of a Dirk WIRK sticker.  It was on a trashcan.  Immediately I wanted to know what was going on.... 

On Sunday, as I was headed to Game 6 of the NBA Finals in Miami and I received a picture of some Mavs fans with signs...  They had huge Dirk WIRK signs!  As soon as I saw the picture (i.e. sent from Mandy), I told her I was on my way to the arena and had to figure out what was going on.  At half-time I raced past an usher and my friend who writes for Yahoo! Basketball to head down to their section to chat with them (i.e. and pose with the sign).

****  Incidentally my writer friend texted me just after the opening tip to ask, "U have anything to do with dirk signs that say wirk on em".  Too funny.  The answer is, "No".

Here's a picture of the nice Mavericks fans who explained the signs to me and gave me the name "Jordan Rogers" as a person to try to locate to get more information about the Dirk WIRK campaign.

Here's the story as best as I can remember it, after talking to the couple and Jordan Rogers.  Jordan refers to himself as Dirksy's contact person.  As much as I'd like to think it is, the WIRK is NOT a reference to or about me.  It's a play on words since Dirk works (i.e. therefore WIRKs) hard etc.  It's a spelling thing, not a couple/stalker/creepy thing.  ****  Although I will admit, Dirk is uber-handsome when his hair is shorter/shaved.  I've been lobbying with my contacts to set up a quick introduction over pizza or something simple, because I'd love to pick his brain for a few minutes.  But enough about that.  I digress...

The website for the Dirk WIRK shirts and the Ghostface Drillah shirt is  If you're a Dirk Nowtizki fan and/or a Dallas Mavericks fan, you should check it out.  As a basketball fan who always find herself defending the purity of the sport and the competition, I find it refreshing that the Mavericks defeated the Miami Heat this year.

I was at the Nike Party during NBA All-Star weekend this year and I remember Dirk playfully giving Kobe Bryant the "L" (i.e. a loser signal) and Kobe smiling and laughing it off.  I thought that was a great moment and amazing foreshadowing...

Dirk isn't a flashy player.  By now, if you watch ESPN you've seen the footage of him in the gym shooting his off-balance fade aways with his shooting coach.  The man works/wirks hard and I think these shirts are a great way to support and show my appreciation of his effort towards the sport.

I don't know him, but Dirk seems like a solid, class act.  I'm happy my last name rhymes with his first.  For the past few NBA playoffs series, on the way to the 2011 NBA Championship I've changed my facebook status to Wirk "hearts" Dirk.  These shirts are beyond cool.  Check them out.

****  Disclaimer:  These are NOT my shirts.  I do not get any money for promoting them.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Game 6: Miami, here I come ~ Mavs lead the Heat, Series 3-2

I wanted to go to Dallas to watch the Mavericks at home during this NBA Finals series, but the Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday schedule is terrible.  Honestly.  Someone in the NBA needs to re-examine the schedule and fix it, so that fans can travel to watch their teams without missing a couple of days of work by leaving in the middle of a week.  PLEASE.

Since I couldn't travel to the game, I ended up listening to most of the 4th Q of Game 5 on the radio.  I think I was listening to the Miami Heat broadcast.  Initially I thought about changing to listen to the Mavericks radio personnel, but thought it'd be more entertaining to hear the Heat broadcasters spin the events of the game.

While driving, I was grinning from ear to ear.  It was Game 5, and my rental car had XM radio.  I couldn't believe what I was listening to! I was loving everything that I heard. The Mavericks were winning and playing so well. Jason Terry was clutch. Jason Kidd was making plays. Dirk was killing it.  The whole night seemed surreal beginning with a crazy, rain storm and ending with a Mavericks' surge.  It was BEAUTIFUL.

My friend, Mandy, sent me this picture from Game 5.  Does anyone know where these Dirk Wirk stickers are coming from?  If so, please contact me.

Does anyone know where these Dirk Wirk stickers are coming from?
If you know me or read this blog, you know how I feel about LeBron.  Paying attention to this series has actually changed my opinion of Chris Bosh.  I wasn't a fan of his earlier this season, because I felt like all the attention had gone to his head.   Well, to be fair, he has raised the level of his game and deserves the praise he's receiving.  Dwyane Wade is a champion.  I like him.  The "problem" for me and the Heat (i.e. specifically in the 4th Q) is LeBron.

I listened to Jason Smith (Twitter: @howaboutafresca) on ESPN Radio for the first time last night and he dissected the post-game press conference comments from Coach Erik Spoelstra.  When asked about whether getting LeBron going in the 4th was a priority for the Heat (i.e. and yes, I'm paraphrasing), Spoelstra responded "We'll see..." 

I don't know about you, but when I'm trying to let someone down or turn someone down, I always say "We'll see."  It's not a "NO", and to quote the movie "Dumb and Dumber" ~ "So you're saying there's a chance?".

The Miami Heat fans who jumped on the bandwagon because of LeBron should reconsider how quickly they pushed aside Wade and gave LeBron the thrown.  Wade should be the closer for the Heat.  Wade is the leader of the Heat.  Look at the dynamic on the court.  LeBron defers to Wade.  Wade IS the leader.

Cavs fans are used to LeBron's brand of play.  Excuse us if we've already heard the "LeBron only has 75 cents for a dollar joke".  We Cavs fans, have already "been there and heard that."  We've heard it all before...  ****  Great.  Now I have the Sunshine Anderson's tune in my head.

I received an email from GV Art and Design and they sent me a link to their "Let's go Cleveland Mavs T-shirt."  Here's a link to the product:  Unfortunately the shirt is sold out, otherwise I'd buy one right now!

Guess who's locked and loaded for Game 6.  Miami here I come....  ****  I will confess that, I went to Game 5 last year in Miami, and the Heat won it. 

Here are three pictures I took at the game.

Dwyane Wade with a dunk
Shaq hugs Wade


Cubs rally to defeat the Phillies after a torrential downpour, 4-3

I was in Philly for work so I had to head to Citizens Bank Park for the Chicago Cubs v Philadelphia Phillies game last night.  I was sitting 18 rows behind the Cubs' dugout and it was about 100-degrees.  Jimmy Rollins hit a home run and the Phillies led the game 3-0.

Around the 3rd or 4th inning the wind started to pick up and my "Bambi" reflexes kicked in.  For some reason I decided to get up and head towards the concourse.  Sure enough, the wind REALLY started swirling and the field was covered.  A group of girls had a sign, "The wind isn't the only thing that blows in Chicago."  The clouds overhead looked ominous and then the rain came down in HARD.  I'd never seen rain like that before and I was happy I hadn't been caught in it.

After the rain delay, I caught up with a long-time, family friend, Gaya and her co-workers. 

Highlight of the game: A foul ball almost caught me in the face.  The man who tried to catch it (i.e. he was sitting a few rows in front of me) missed and it deflected towards my neighbor.  I saw it coming and dodged the ball.

I left the game in the 8th because I wanted to listen to the Miami Heat v Dallas Mavericks game.  It's a good thing I didn't wait for the baseball game to end, because it went into extra innings.  It took 11 innings, but the Cubs rallied in the 9th to defeat the Phillies 4-3.  To be honest, I'm not sure what's going on with the Phillies ~ but every time I watch them, they lose.

More on the basketball in the next post.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pass on SugarHouse ~ It's not worth it

When I walked in SugarHouse, I knew to expect the worst.  I'd been there before.  As I sat down at the blackjack table, I cashed in for chips and was asked for my players' card.  I went ahead and tossed the man my driver's license and he looked it up for me.  Yes, I had one from the initial visit I made last year.  They were signing people up at the door back then, by swiping driver's licenses.

Not much has changed since that visit last year.

Picture it: $15 min craps and a guy with a half-gallon of lemon drink at the craps table just swigging from the jug.  People sleeping at the slot machines, $25 min blackjack, and crazy money being wagered by folks who should be using those funds on "dental"...   Yes, that's the SugarHouse casino in Philadelphia.

This was my second trip to the venue.  I would've skipped it, but my coworker wanted to check it out.  My best advice for you: Skip it.

My coworker and I are still laughing about last night.  "I was only scared half the time," was her quote.  I'm still laughing...


Ortiz and Mayweather agree to fight ~ I visit the Rocky statue

A couple of days ago, Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz decided to fight each other on  September 17, 2011.  Ok.  So let's state the obvious.  This is not the boxing match that people want to see.  Mayweather v Pacquiao would be a dream come true.  However, with Mayweather's legal troubles and the inability to agree on terms for drug testing ~ it seems unlikely that the dream match-up will ever occur.

I was at the Pacquiao v Mosley fight in Las Vegas.  I'm a Manny Pacquiao fan, but I was bored during that latest match-up.

I watched the Andre Berto v Victor Ortiz fight and was impressed with what I saw.  My friend, John, who knows about boxing anticipated that Berto would win that match.  Obviously he was wrong and surprised with the outcome of the fight.  I remember Berto used the ropes numerous times to stay up against Ortiz.  It was a great fight! 

I don't know that much about boxing, but I'm curious about the Ortiz v Mayweather match-up...  I hope it's a good one.

On another note, I'm in Philly.  Yesterday, I stopped by the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  Here's a picture of the Rocky statue and I.


Friday, June 3, 2011

I know nothing about baseball ~ Thanks Nationals...

I just got back from vacation in Vegas and let's make a couple of points clear... 

1 - My huge lucky streak (from May) is over. 
2 - I have determined that I know nothing about baseball...

The Washington Nationals have managed to cost me more money than I'm willing to admit.  Seriously?!?!  The Nationals?!?!  The Washington Nationals' bats beat the Philadelphia Phillies' Cliff Lee and Roy Oswalt.  Further, to add further insult to injury, the Nationals beat the Arizona Diamondbacks last night.

Awesome.  Just awesome.