In order to understand the way The Wirk wirks, you have to learn the language.  This page will grow as necessary (i.e. so it's a wirk in process)...

Here are some abbreviations I use (obviously I need to expand this list):
btw - by the way
bc - because
def - definitely
ftlog - for the love of god
gen pop - general population
gmab - give me a break
WAGs - wives and girlfriends (i.e. often used when referring to the significant others of athletes)

Terms I created:
K-game - same thing as an A-game, but specific to pitchers so we use the K, instead of the A
vommercial - a commercial that makes you want to vomit
wirk - (v) getting it done
wirk - (n) the business, the deal, what's happening
Wirkbook - year of blog posts from TheWirk.com, similar to a yearbook
The Wirk - me