Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bruno Mars and his Moonshine Jungle Tour in Singapore

Bruno Mars...  I wasn't sure what to expect when my husband and I went to the Bruno Mars concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.  I'd had ample opportunities to see him in the US, but for some reason I wasn't compelled to buy a ticket --- which is strange, because I tend to buy tickets to just about everything.  At any rate, curiosity got the best of me and before you knew it, I had a pair of tickets to Bruno Mar's Moonshine Jungle Tour.

Let's see...  I'll admit right now that I'm trying to catch this blog up and am covering many topics so what do I remember about this show?  Here goes...

Bruno Mars was a bit of an old school trip.  He's not very flashy and it's more of an old school show as he channels Michael Jackson.  "Treasure" is my favorite song, and the "I think I Wanna Marry You" song is a close second.  I really dislike the "Grenade" song.

You can tell that he and his band have a fun time on stage and of course his fans had a great time.  I like his music and enjoyed the show, but I have to admit he's not a show I'd try to catch again --- but at least I can now make an informed decision.  Thank goodness, radio is free!