Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fun time at the Taylor Swift Concert in Singapore

Last night my husband and I went to see Taylor Swift's Red Tour.  She had to cancel her date in Bangkok, and as a result she was able to add an additional date in Singapore at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.  Music to my ears, since I was chasing down concert tickets and seeing prices close to 1000 SGD (i.e. Singapore dollars) on the secondary market.  Once the new concert date was added, I made sure I didn't miss the opportunity to purchase tickets at face value.  Incidentally, I hope those people who are trying to extort her fans by charging crazy prices take a bath on their tickets... 

At any rate, my husband agreed to come along and check out her the concert with me.  I'll admit right now that we'd never refer to ourselves as Taylor Swift fans.  I went through my iTunes and found an album on there of hers, but I maybe know 10 songs max.  I looked at her set list and figured there'd be 6 songs out of 13 that I'd enjoy.

As the show started, I noticed a woman walking along the outside of the floor seats.  She had security around her.  It was Taylor Swift's mom.  How do I know?  I watch too much TV --- that's how I know.  Turns out her mom grew up in Singapore.  Small world!!!

As the show started, I was impressed that someone so young was able to hold her audience's interest without challenging choreography and walking around half-naked.  This bodes well for someone like me, who's more than tired of people selling sex in order to be relevant.

I caught myself singing along with 10 year old boys and girls.  I got caught up with the excitement and couldn't help but snap some pics, while the kids next to me filmed on their smart phones.  My husband and I shared some laughs and have to admit that we enjoyed the show. 

Are my husband and I Taylor Swift fans now?  Just maybe... 


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