Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wendover, NV ~ A place to gamble less than 90 minutes from Salt Lake City

If you're looking for very low stakes craps and you're in Salt Lake City, I'm going to recommend that you head to the Nevada border.

In the city of Wendover, NV you can play craps for $2 or $3.  I can't really remember which it was, but does it really matter?  We're talking about $2 or $3. 

The casinos I scouted out with some friends included Rainbow Casino, Montego Bay Casino, and some other one. They're not my favorite casinos on the planet, but when in a pinch, they'll do!

Montego Bay Casino Floor

Montego Bay Race & Sports Book
As we left Montego Bay to go to a different casino, we saw a small girl at the end of this hallway.  Immediately, I thought of the girls from the movie, "The Shining".

The Hallway to Hell

Warning: With such low stakes, you end up with novice players who don't know how to play.  For example, at the blackjack table one of the players got mad and left the table when the dealer started to take her money.  She had thought the dealer had busted with a 28.  No, not so much.  The dealer had a soft 16 and was forced to hit.  Yeah...  That's the caliber player you might end up sitting next to so don't bet high.


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