Sunday, August 7, 2011

Boris Becker tweeted me about the NBA Lockout and it made my night!

A few nights ago my phone chirped.  It's normally not that big of a deal, but since I've been traveling internationally, I've limited my phone usage.  Usually when my phone chirps, it means that I have a text message.  Prepared to see who just dinged me for 50 cents, I picked up my phone to see what was going on.

As it turns out, Boris Becker had tweeted me.  Now this is special for a few reasons. 
  • First, I LOVE BORIS BECKER.  I'm a huge fan.  When I was a teenager, I used to follow him around the ATP tennis tournament in Mason, OH.  I finally got his autograph, and when that happened I more or less left him alone.  I have countless pictures in photo albums of him and the other tennis stars in that day (e.g. Stefan Edberg, Andre Agassi, Ivan Lendl, Michael Chang, Pete Sampras, Jim Courier, Mats Wilander).  Those were the days! 
  • Second, I've often espoused the genius of Twitter and this was only further reinforcement.  Becker had tweeted about, "not believing the NBA will go on strike," and I merely tweeted that a strike was different than a lockout and that the players were already locked out.  He replied saying that I had a point. 
    • The thing is, I never expected to receive a response from one of my favorite tennis players of all time.  I just put my 3 cents out there.  ****  Why 3 cents?  Because I'm smarter than the average person so it's worth 3 cents, when I "talk".  The fact that Boom Boom Becker even responded made my night!
Look, I'm not saying that if you tweet your favorite people that you'll get a response.  I'm just saying that Twitter is a great tool to get your point across and you never know who might take a second out of their day to acknowledge you. 


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