Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Datai ~ Luxury in Langkawi, Malaysia

I finally had the chance to see Malaysia, when I visited Langkawi and stayed at The Datai.  I'd been wanting to go on vacation and see Halong Bay in Vietnam, but the flight times weren't working with my schedule and the temperatures were cooler than I wanted.  When a trip to the Datai was suggested, I quickly "Googled" and there was no question that I wanted to go.

I'm a huge fan of the Datai and my experience in Langkawi.  I can't tell you a single thing about Langkawi.  I really can't tell you much about the property itself.  I can tell you that food, level of service, and time I had at the resort were top notch.

The property itself might be a little dated.  It has a more masculine feel with the heavy and darker woods, but it's very comfortable.  The deluxe room I had overlooked the pool.  The resort is located in the rainforest, so there is animal life in the treetops. 

If you're afraid of creatures, you need to know that they tell you to keep your balcony doors locked when you're not out there since there are "naughty monkey".  I didn't find the monkeys to be a problem at all.  In fact, i enjoyed the ones that came over towards the pool one early evening.

While enjoying the resort, I spent plenty of time sunning at the pool.  The water temperature for the pool was comfortable and refreshing since it was very warm while I was there.  Another plus, was that the staff kept refreshing our ice water.  The bar was conveniently located near the pool for when we needed food and drink.

Breakfast was good and there was a wide selection of items. 

I'd highly recommend The Datai to anyone.  From the moment we stepped into the Mercedes for the transfer, I knew we were welcome and in good hands.  Another fantastic benefit occurred when we learned that we would have a late check out of 7PM, without any additional payment.  ****  I'm so used to traveling and getting "offered" the opportunity to extend my stay for about half the nightly rate at other hotels and resorts that this was definitely noteworthy and very classy of them.

My trip to The Datai was definitely a peaceful, relaxing trip I'll never forget


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