Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Wirk is married!

Let's see...  Where to begin.  Yes, I finally did it.  They say that the 3rd time's a charm and I have to say, that they're right.  I am MARRIED.  Earlier in November, in front of my mom, dad, brother, and a few close friends I tied the knot in Las Vegas. 

No, I'm not changing the name of this blog.  It'll always be, although I think my friend Ricky (aka The Rick) is hedging his bets and buying a URL with my husband's last name in an attempt to sell it to me at a later date.

The ceremony was 6 minutes long and we did it at the Little White Wedding Chapel.  I'm not one for wedding planning.  I don't enjoy it one bit.  Roseanne was our wedding coordinator, and she made the entire process easy enough for me that it was a completely painless and enjoyable experience.

Aside from making sure my husband to be was happy, the only things that really mattered to me on my wedding day were: (1) having my immediate family and close friends there and (2) making sure I had great pictures.  Thanks to my friend Richard Wilk, who I believe to be the Santa Claus of Las Vegas, we found Tony Cordell.

Tony was gracious enough to take pictures of my husband and I up and down the strip, while we were in our wedding attire.  They turned out fantastic!  If you ever need a photographer in Vegas, I highly recommend him.  Here are a few of his best!

Photographer: Tony Cordell

Photographer: Tony Cordell