Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lionel Richie in Singapore - Oh Yes

It's no secret that I'm a Lionel Richie fan, so imagine how THRILLED I was to learn that Lionel Richie was coming to Singapore!  Lionel Richie performed at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and sure enough I booked the tickets in the taxi, the minute I heard the announcement on the radio. 

For the show my husband and I sat on the floor maybe 10 or so rows from the stage.  Before the show I tweeted Lionel Richie that I was excited for the concert and he actually tweeted me back! 

Being the fan that I am, I lost my mind...  I was elated and even more excited that I ordered a "Penny Lover" pink baseball shirt for the show.

I've seen Lionel Richie perform many times and he has never disappointed.  This time around he sang, "We are the World".  If my memory serves me correctly, that was a unique experience.  I'm not a true funk fan and the Commodores were a bit too early for me, but I do appreciate that he still sings, "Oh No".  That song is truly one of my favorites.

Thank you for coming to Singapore, Lionel.  You made my night!


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