Sunday, May 18, 2014

My first trip to New Zealand ~ Sky City Casino, but no All Blacks

I took my first trip to New Zealand checked out the Skycity Casino in Auckland.  Skycity Casino is an older casino, and there are no craps tables there.  I saw roulette and baccarat tables.  The casino had a high-limit area upstairs.  If I remember correctly, the denominations were $50, $100, and maybe $200.  I remember thinking that the limits weren't that high, relative to other casinos I've seen. 

I also recall interesting rules with regard to baccarat and betting pairs.  If you bet a pair, you need to bet for banker/player/tie.  I had not seen these rules before.  Regardless, my luck wasn't that good so could be another reason why I don't remember many details.  HA!

It was my first trip to New Zealand and I stayed near the Viaduct.  Hopefully next time I'll get to see the All Blacks play.  You know how I love sports! 

I also had the chance to visit Wellington, but it was a short trip and I was in meetings while there.  I did notice "Middle of Middle Earth" sign on the Wellington Airport and some sort of creature (i.e. presumably from The Hobbit) "flying" in the terminal.



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