Sunday, June 17, 2012

Yankees defeat the Nats 5-3 after 14 innings

Saturday afternoon I was sitting pretty (i.e. eating and drinking) on my perch at the PNC Diamond Club at Washington Nationals Park for the 2nd game of the 3-game series between the New York Yankees and the Washington Nationals.

Unfortunately I forgot my camera when I went to the game so all the pictures I have a from my iPhone.  Once again, I went into the game expecting to see Bryce Harper do something special.  After 14 innings, I left feeling a little frustrated that I hadn't seen the special player that everyone raves about.

One special thing that happened at the game was when Eric Chavez hit a foul ball that went into my section.  The older men sitting at the table behind me couldn't catch the ball, so it fell right behind me.  I had to lunge, but I was able to get the ball!  Now both of the baseballs I have are from Yankees!  The first was from Alex Rodriguez, when he tossed me one in Minnesota (i.e. at a Twins game) and now this one from Saturday, 

Yankees won on Saturday with a score of 5-3.  It was a marathon, but a great day for baseball!

I ran into Teddy on the way out and although he never wins the Presidents' Race, he's a winner when he's with ME.


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