Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Truth About Love and P!nk in Concert

On Thursday night I went to the P!nk concert. I'd been trying to hunt down a ticket for weeks, and sure enough my perseverance paid off. At the 30th hour StubHub bailed me out of my predicament by having a ticket in section 100 for a little over face value. I don't mind paying over face value. I respect the ticket game and the principles surrounding Supply and Demand. I hustle tickets when I can. I believe in pricing at what the market will bear, but 3X face value wasn't coming out of pocket...

I'd been wanting to see P!nk perform for a "couple of albums" now. I missed the Funhouse tour completely, because I used to travel A LOT internationally and for long periods of time. Buying tickets and planning to see shows were nearly impossible. However, this time around, the stars aligned and I went to the concert.

P!nk puts on an amazing show for her fans. It's a concert, but it's also "P!nk du Soleil". What apparatus hasn't she mastered yet? Maybe the silks, actually... But back to her concert.

By now we've all probably read or heard about P!nk's story in the tabloids and/or on entertainment TV shows. No?!?! Well, maybe it's just me. Google it, people. If I had to describe her, I think I'd use the word "real". She comes off very strong, and yet sensitive with her ability to deliver sincere emotion through her lyrics. I'm probably going to catch plenty of flack about this, but I liken her to a modern day Tuna Turner, with regard to soul. Both P!nk and Tina speak to me.

P!nk's relationship ups and downs with Carey Hart and her family seem to play out like a reality TV musical. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I like to unwind with reality TV. EVERY relationship has its highs and lows. I love my husband, but at times, no one infuriates me more. Cooler heads and the ability to communicate emotions sustain and strengthen relationships. When it comes to the "struggle" it's obvious that P!nk's fans feel and understand her message.

Being P!nk's fan doesn't mean having to be the prettiest girl on the dance floor with all the hottest moves and the flashiest clothes. You don't have to be young, old, gay, straight, male, female, etc. You can be comfortable being and loving your "dorky" self. You can scream in frustration, ask for understanding, and be heard --- if not by those you love, but with 20,000 other people sitting all around you, singing just as loud.

Don't be like the "Stepford Wives in Training" that stood next to me (i.e. rigid and lifeless at the show). Dance and Sing!!! Leave it all out there when you go to P!nk's Truth About Love show. Why? Why not? She does.

Spoiler alert: P!nkerbell flies!!!!

Enjoy the pictures I took below. ****I'll rearrange them in this post later.


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