Monday, June 24, 2013

Horseshoe Cincinnati Casino - 100X craps odds, 100% fun

There's a Horseshoe Casino in Cincinnati now and it's within walking distance to Great American Ballpark.  Finally, I was able to go to the ballpark and also check out the casino in Cincinnati.  Hopefully this means no more road trips to Indiana for my family...

So the Horsehoe...  Here are my take aways:
  • Large casino and it was basically smoke free (i.e. if there's smoking, I didn't see it)
  • 6 craps tables (at least) with $10 minimums. 
  • 100X odds at the craps table (i.e. which is the highest I've seen outside of Las Vegas)
    • For the record, I like to max out my odds, but 100X$10 is $1,000 and I'm not about to put $1000 in odds behind my bets.

  • Jack Binion's Steak is fantastic.  The entire meal was amazing...
    • Dad and I had dinner there and we started with the premium shellfish platter. 
    • Next I had the JBPR Black Angus Filet and added a lobster tail.
    • For dessert, I had a chocolate souffle.
If you're into casinos and eating well, make a quick trip out the Horseshoe in Cincinnati.  It's a great place to stop after a Cincinnati Reds and/or a Cincinnati Bengals game!

I didn't get a chance to check out the blackjack tables so obviously this post is incomplete.  I'll just have to take a look at it "next time".


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