Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kings Dominion reminds me of Kings Island, which then reminds me of the Brady Bunch

I grew up going to Kings Island in Mason, Ohio for my amusement park experiences.  Actually, I remember watching a Brady Bunch episode and noticing that they were at Kings Island too...  I just did a quick Google search and it looks as though it's been 40 years or so since that episode was filmed and 3 of the Brady Bunch cast members were at Kings Island a few days ago!  Weird how the world and my timing works...

Watch the original Brady Bunch "The Cincinnati Kids" episode with some pop-up video flair (i.e. that I found on YouTube) here:

Anyway, a few weeks ago my husband and I made our inaugural visit to Kings Dominion is Doswell, VA.

Maybe because I'm older and bigger, but it seemed as though Kings Dominion was smaller than I remembered Kings Island to be.  It's been ages since I've been to Kings Island, so I really can't remember... 

For the records, when it comes to Cedar Fair properties, my favorite has to be Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio!  ****  If you're a roller coaster aficionado and you haven't been to Cedar Point, you're only cheating yourself.

Since it's the motion of the ride and size doesn't matter, my husband and I enjoyed our trip to Kings Dominion.  We took advantage of the Fast Lane Plus wristband and rode most of the rides we wanted with minimal waiting time in line.  For those of you that have the means, and who don't want to risk spending most of the day in a line, I HIGHLY recommend the purchase.  According to the park's website, you'll need the "Plus" option in order to "Enjoy all of the Fast Lane attractions PLUS, unlimited rides on Intimidator 305 and Volcano."


Take a break between all the rides and enjoy a funnel cake and/or soft pretzel!  Eating is half the fun...

Towards the end of the afternoon, my husband had a headache so I didn't have a chance to ride the Berserker (i.e. the pirate ship).  That was fine...  I remember that ride from my youth.  Honestly, I can ride any roller coaster, but I swear...  Nothing tickles my tummy more than being on the end of that ship (i.e. high in the air) and you feel like you're going to fall out right before you swing down!

I love amusement parks... and funnel cake...


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