Sunday, August 7, 2011

Phuket ~ The Shore at Katathani and Elephant trekking

I'm in Asia. 

Last weekend I went to Phuket to relax, and I also had the chance to go elephant trekking.  If you ever want to go to Phuket, I recommend The Shore at Katathani.  The place and the villas are amazing. 

I met my friend out there and we had our own infinity pool and the view overlooking the water (i.e. I'm not good with geography, but I think it was the Andaman Sea) was fantastic.  I'd say the majority of guests were couples, but if you're like us and not a couple, the resort is still fantastic. 

I must point out that there weren't many mosquitoes at all.  Oh, and there was an unattractive naked couple frolicking on the beach so proceed with caution!

Before I left Phuket for the weekend, my friend and I went elephant trekking at Siam Safari.  The elephants put on a show (e.g. painting and kicking soccer balls).  Did you read that? Soccer balls. There's your sports tie-in.

For 30 minutes we trekked around on the elephant and for 50 Baht, I got to feed the elephants.  The whole adventure took about 90 minutes (i.e. show, feeding, pictures, and trekking) and I'd recommend it for anyone who likes elephants.

My view from atop the elephant

Safety first.  Locked in securely.



  1. Nice post.
    Phuket is the beautiful place for my dream holiday.

    I love phuket, I love white beaches and crystal clear waters.

  2. Agreed. I'm looking forward to returning.

  3. The villa in Phuket is amazing. It has the luxurious amenities and it is near the attractions. This is a perfect honey moon place.

  4. It really is! Phuket is a great place to visit and a short hop from Singapore.

  5. I agree. I've been to Phuket once. I love the spots and the beautiful scenery. It also offers excellent holiday accommodation services. I will surely come back to Thailand soon.