Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'd like to meet Mike Tyson

I was traveling earlier today and I called to check-in with my dad, since I saw he called me.  Here's part of the conversation.

Dad: They (i.e. Grand Victoria Casino and Resort) called and invited me to meet Mike Tyson, but I told them I don't care.
Me: Really...  He just got into the Boxing Hall of Fame last week.
Dad: So? I'm probably in a Hall of Fame somewhere.
Me: You know I have a sports blog, right?
Dad: Ok, I'll call them back.

So, needless to say (i.e. if the weather cooperates and I'm not too tired) I will go home for Father's Day and (i.e. my dad and I) will meet Mike Tyson this weekend.  Fingers crossed I have the energy!


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