Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pass on SugarHouse ~ It's not worth it

When I walked in SugarHouse, I knew to expect the worst.  I'd been there before.  As I sat down at the blackjack table, I cashed in for chips and was asked for my players' card.  I went ahead and tossed the man my driver's license and he looked it up for me.  Yes, I had one from the initial visit I made last year.  They were signing people up at the door back then, by swiping driver's licenses.

Not much has changed since that visit last year.

Picture it: $15 min craps and a guy with a half-gallon of lemon drink at the craps table just swigging from the jug.  People sleeping at the slot machines, $25 min blackjack, and crazy money being wagered by folks who should be using those funds on "dental"...   Yes, that's the SugarHouse casino in Philadelphia.

This was my second trip to the venue.  I would've skipped it, but my coworker wanted to check it out.  My best advice for you: Skip it.

My coworker and I are still laughing about last night.  "I was only scared half the time," was her quote.  I'm still laughing...



  1. Casinos guarantee an thrilling experience as you enter the venue. It also gives you a chance to hit the jackpot given the right skills.

  2. Alright... These are 2 very vague, broad and incorrect statements. "Guarantee" isn't the word. Further, "jackpot" implies slots and I'd argue that there is no skill in slots.

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