Friday, June 3, 2011

I know nothing about baseball ~ Thanks Nationals...

I just got back from vacation in Vegas and let's make a couple of points clear... 

1 - My huge lucky streak (from May) is over. 
2 - I have determined that I know nothing about baseball...

The Washington Nationals have managed to cost me more money than I'm willing to admit.  Seriously?!?!  The Nationals?!?!  The Washington Nationals' bats beat the Philadelphia Phillies' Cliff Lee and Roy Oswalt.  Further, to add further insult to injury, the Nationals beat the Arizona Diamondbacks last night.

Awesome.  Just awesome.



  1. Brutal! that's what happens when you take a gamble, sorry to hear... better luck next time

  2. ha - right?!?! they lost again last night and i was there. amazing.

  3. As we have seen on the sport's replay, Cliff Lee and Roy Oswalt didn't really do a good job during that game. No wonder they lost.

  4. Just plain terrible if you were rooting for the Phillies...