Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Am I the only one annoyed with Chris Bosh and NBA free agent talk?

In the free agency NBA "shuffle" am I the only one who has or is developing feelings about Chris Bosh?  I can't be.  Can I?  The latest, I've seen is that Bosh can come to Cleveland but he doesn't want to.  Exact reasons haven't been given, but I've heard it has to do with the fact that he thinks the market isn't big enough for his brand.  I was listening to Chris Broussard earlier on ESPN and he mentioned that Bosh, would be interested in Houston because of the China factor.  Hellooooooooooooo.  Am I the only one that knows that Chinese investors have a stake on the Cleveland Cavaliers?  I can't be.  Can I?

I saw a funny tweet earlier today.  It was from sportspickleSportspickle tweeted the following: 

"Hey @KingJames, I suggest you follow @chrisbosh. It may change your mind about playing with him."

Evidently, sportspickle is beginning to feel like me.  I don't know Chris Bosh.  I don't know what's going through his head, but if the Toronto Raptors said they'd do a sign and trade deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and that ultimately means he can play with LeBron James ~ then I truly think he is foolish for not doing so.  That's my 5 cents.

Chris Bosh and Amare Stoudemire, NBA All-Star 2010

Great Amare Stoudemire is going to sign in with the New York Knicks, and says he's going to try to recruit LeBron.  Amare, I'll lend him you my phone if you need one.  I welcome the recruitment calls from the Knicks.  In my gut, I don't think LeBron will go to New York ~ unless he's going to see the New York Yankees, etc.

I think at this point, Bosh is doing himself the greatest disservice.  He needs to take a serious look at himself in the mirror.  I'm beginning to think that maybe he's a bit out of touch with reality.  His choice of cities is more like a vacation destination list.  That's fine.  I'm not against great weather, but come on.  I'm not going to run the numbers, and I completely admit that I'm biased ~ but seriously?!?!

Come on.  Is there ANYONE sitting and waiting for Chris Bosh to get off the fence and to decide?  If you are, then that's fine ~ but seriously, please tell me why.  I sincerely want to know.  I enjoyed watching Chris Bosh as a Toronto Raptor, but I can't be the only one getting annoyed.  Seriously...  I can't be.   Can I?



  1. I'm annoyed...it's taking up too much time on Sports Center.

  2. it's been anounced that we'll get a reprieve on thursday at 9, on espn ~ for lebron at least...