Monday, July 12, 2010

Would you hire Isiah Thomas back as GM of the Knicks?

Can anyone tell me why James Dolan would consider bringing Isiah Thomas back as General Manager for the New York Knicks?  Haven't the Knicks' fans suffered enough?

I don't even understand why Isiah was sent to Akron to meet with LeBron's people. Seriously?!?! Why?

I know why I'm not a fan of Isiah.  For me, it's personal.  I didn't agree with his rotation during the 2003 NBA All-Star game in Atlanta.  Don't understand that remark?  Look at the roster and if you know me, you know where I'm coming from.

Remember when he bought the CBA (i.e. now better known as the Collective Bargaining Agreement nowadays, but back then known as the Continental Basketball Association?  Yep, me too. 

You remember the sexual harassment lawsuit in 2006?  Yep, me too.

Remember the Knicks winning during the 2007-2008 season?  No, me neither ~ but they did win 23 games...

The last story I remember about Isiah had to do with the ambulance being sent to his house. Remember that story?  Yep, me too.

Seriously. Someone out there has to know something.

And for those of you that are in desperate need for a taste of the "good old days" ~ how about some DVDs?  LOL.


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