Monday, July 26, 2010

St. Louis ~ Work, Phillies v Cardinals, and fun with great friends

Every year my company has meetings where we all get together to network and learn.  In previous years, we've held meetings in Orlando, Las Vegas, and San Antonio.  This year we all met in St. Louis, MO.  I look forward to this event because I have the chance to spend time with my coworkers who are my friends.  Usually, we stay the weekend or extend the trip to take advantage of the location and time together.  This time, in addition to learning, I was able to gamble, check out another sporting venue (i.e. Philadelphia Phillies v St. Louis Cardinals at the new Busch Stadium) and visit with friends. 

With The Rick and other friends, I was able to really enjoy and explore St. Louis.  From drinks at the Four Seasons rooftop, Lumiere Place, the City Museum, and the new Bush Stadium (i.e. my 73 venue). 

The pictures from the seats in the stadium were taken from the Redbird Club (i.e. where air-conditioning was available inside).  I ate my first pretzel dog and drank two large bottles of water.  It was a scorcher!  On the way out, I picked up an Albert Pujols' bobblehead ~ and it's sitting pretty on my shelf.  For anyone looking to go to St. Louis and check out a game, I recommend staying at the Hilton Ballpark.  It's right next to the new Busch Stadium and some rooms offer a wonderful views of the park.

St. Louis Arch in the background

At the new Busch Stadium

Albert Pujols at bat

Stan Musial statue

Jack Buck

Ozzie Smith

With The Rick

With great friends in St. Louis

What a great few days!

**** Quote from The Rick: "Cab to Lumiere $10, pretzel dog $5, pizza and cookie at Grill 21 (i.e. at Harrah's) $1200, having someone walk up to craps table with $20, then ask if your green stack of chips is theirs'...  PRICELESS!"


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