Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm an international winner ~ Stampede Casino, Calgary

After many flight issues, I finally flew to Calgary today.  On the plane, I sat in seat 13F and watched two movies (i.e.  No Strings Attached and Owning Mahowny).  Owning Mahowny stars Philip Seymour Hoffman and is based on true story of Dan Mahowny.  Mahowny is a guy from Toronto who worked in a bank and had a crazy gambling addiction.  When I got off the plane, I saw that my "tweety bird" had texted me.  That's random.  Based on all those weird events, I went to the casino and won $400 in 2 hours.  I left and planted myself in front of a TV with enough time to watch Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks beat the Los Angeles Lakers.

It was a strange day, but it had "winner" written all over it from the start.  My life is goooooood.

The Stampede Casino in Calgary offers 2X odds at the craps table and a $5 minimum.  There is only one table.  Blackjack is also a $5 minimum.  Roulette is a 50 cent minimum.



  1. Sounds like a good day for you all around... Congrats on all the wins and thanks for the tips!

  2. I've been on a great streak! Thanks and you're welcome.

  3. I never been in a casino, well not in real casino, is more than betting, but was so fun in that moment, however I don't like to play with my money, I prefer to play with my life jajajajaja.