Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dirk or LeBron ~ Who needs an NBA championship more?

I was playing on Facebook earlier and noticed that my friend, Trey Harris, posed an interesting question.  His status read, "Heat vs. Mavs is starting to bounce around inside my head. Whose career needs a championship more? Dirk or LeBron?"

Immediately I started to type.  Here's the exchange.

Me: "No one really expected/expects Dirk to do anything. That's why everyone sounds so amazed when he drops 40+.  LeBron is the idiot who counted championships on his HANDS before a single game.  LeBron needs the championship more."

Trey: "True, Lebron is expected to win. But Dirk & the Mavs have underachieved for so long, this could very well be their last shot. I think it'll be a hell of a series either way."

Me: "Agree, Trey. but in terms of need for a championship for his career/legacy - it's LeBron.  If you're talking about this year SPECIFICALLY, then Dirk for the reason you stated ~ but it won't matter in the eye of the public if Dirk is like Ewing and Barkley and never wins a ring."

Trey: "Sarah, you make a good argument comparing Dirk to Ewing & Barkley (and it killed me that Ewing never got a ring). He'll still be a great player. But Lebron is the golden child. And "The Decision" still hangs over his head. He has more time to win but the expectations are way through the roof. Ayo, shout me out in the blog!"

Well, here you go!  What do all of you think?  Sure, we're jumping the gun and making some assumptions since the Eastern and Western Conference Finals aren't over yet, but it's definitely something for you all to think about as the crucial Game 5s approach.


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