Sunday, September 19, 2010

My birthday dinner and festivities with Kanak and friends

My friend, Kanak, and I share the same birthday.  Seriously.  God was playing a joke on you when she and I were born, but you should count your lucky stars that we're on this planet, because I happen to think we both ROCK.  Yes, I'm biased.

Starving and waiting to eat

Dinner was at Eventide, and the restaurant provided us with choices for a prix fixe menu.  Everything on the menu was fantastic.  I really enjoyed the crab and melon appetizer and the beef entree.  Most of all, I was pleased that most of my favorite people were able to make it.  Thanks to all of you that came out to dinner or to say, "Hi," and have a few drinks with me afterwards.  Your presence was noted and very much appreciated. 

With Joe, a former co-worker and the only guy I who I could talk into road-tripping down to Chapel Hill on the day of a Duke v UNC basketball game to scalp tickets and into a Hawaiian vacation.  Fun times!

With Taiwanna, a former co-worker from my days in Atlanta, who always lets me crash with her when I'm in town.  She's a great friend who I don't see nearly enough. Luckily, she could work remotely and come to NY and DC to spend time with me.

Obviously, I can't put every picture in here, so if you didn't make the blog it doesn't mean I love you less.  Thanks again to all of you that came out to help me celebrate.  It meant a lot to this girl!

Oh and, of course, I'm still accepting presents.  So, just in case, I'll include my Paypal address at the bottom of the post :-P


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