Thursday, September 16, 2010

(Un)happy Birthday to Me ~ Kinda, Sorta, Not Really, but Maybe

So, the 15th was my birthday.  I went out to dinner with a couple of friends and when I was at dinner I saw this girl who I'm not  friends with.  Why she'd drive miles and have dinner at a restaurant where she knew I was celebrating, is not that big of a mystery.  Obviously, she's nuts.

Regardless, the night was what is was, and I ended up out at another spot after dinner.  Sure enough.  She was there also.  Awesome.

Next thing you know 2 of her friends showed up also.  Double awesome.  Had I wanted to go to the zoo, I'd have gone to the zoo.

After hanging with friends at our Wednesday spot and seeing other friends, it was onto the next one...  AND, I'll give you one guess who was there.  Yep.  That girl.  It's a free country, but seriously?  And why on Earth was she talking to me all of a sudden? Silence is golden.

Mental note: I should've turned around and went home once I knew that my night out would be weird.  Like a moth to a flame...  Regardless, I still had fun seeing people who I don't normally see, since I'm always traveling here and there. 

To my dear friends who came out to help me celebrate, please know that seeing you out made me smile BIG!!!!  Big hugs for all of you, and if I don't tell you enough ~ please know that you're all very special to me. 

To the randoms that try to mess with me, get a life.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.



  1. One might say it is incredibly narcissistic and delusional to think this girl is "following" you for any reason. Is it possible that she simply likes and frequents the same places as you? Have you ever seen this girl at these particular places prior to your birthday? If no, then one might raise an eyebrow. If yes, one should think nothing of it.

  2. hello, anonymous ~

    one might say, whatever they please, but in this case they'd be wrong. it's fairly obvious what the deal was when the pathetic soul appeared at the same restaurant when i was having a birthday dinner. further, the same low self-esteemer sent me a message when she was granted limited access to my facebook profile, since she was upset she couldn't see my pictures. lame. i don't care about her. just noticed that she's a lurker and wanted to document it and put it out there for when it happens in the future that i don't appreciate her lingering near me at my table when i'm with my own friends, just because all of her other friends have left the location and she's done laps around the spot looking for someone to talk to. hahahaha. lame.