Monday, September 13, 2010

Skydiving at Skydive Orange

I debated on whether or not to include this in my blog, because I don't want to freak out my parents but here goes nothing...  I went skydiving.  Everything went well, and since I survived without injury ~ I CAN'T not include the adventure in this blog...

After going out on Friday night, I hauled myself out of bed and went over to a friend's house to go skydiving for her birthday.  Georgeann set up the trip, and I couldn't help but jump on (i.e. or should I say out?).

Skydive Orange was the location for our tandem jumps and it was only an hour or so away from where we all lived, so the drive down there was easy.  After signing our lives away, a 15 minute ground lesson, and a 4 hour wait, and getting our gear on we were off to the airplane to climb up to 13,500 feet only to get thrown out of a plane and SKYDIVE.

For those of that thought you'd never do it or are interested in doing it, here's what I remember.  I was sleep from the night before, so I don't really think I had a chance to get nervous.  It started to hit me when I was boarding the plane, that I'd be jumping out of it.  The plane ride was smooth.  When the door of the plane opened up, it wasn't all that windy.

You don't jump out of the plane.  The tandem guide/instructor more or less pushes you out of the plane.  You free fall for about 45 seconds. 

You don't even really realize feel like you're falling because it's too high up, so your perspective isn't that good, but there's still a rush and it's very cool!  When the parachute is deployed you and your tandem guide/instructor shoot up towards the sky. 

With Chuck (i.e. my tandem guy) I was able to control the parachute and make turns.  The harder the turn though, the more intense the feeling and the faster the speed.  I didn't like hard turns as much, so we glided more or less all the way down.  Great view of everything below!

Don't worry, mom and dad.  I can now cross skydiving off the list!  I've conquered 13,500 feet above ground (i.e. skydiving) and 65 feet below water (i.e. scuba).

Here's the video from my tandem jump!  Enjoy :-P

Soooooo...  Now what?!!?


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