Tuesday, September 28, 2010

RIP BallHype

I knew I was slacking with this blog...  I was too busy "living" to be typing.  Does anyone know what happened to BallHype.com?  I enjoyed that blogger forum.  It was perfect for people like me who love sports and also have stories to share...    Looks like the site went away in late August.

From what I read,  the couple that created BallHype and ShowHype made $3 million from media group Future US.  BallHype was launched in April 2007.

What a shame!



  1. Unfortunately BallHype and other Daily Radar sites were closed by that same media group. Luckily there are some other good social voting sites out there, even though it feels like the media is only reporting on "dying" social vote-up communities. In fact, http://BallHyped.com was recently created in honor of some of our fallen communities. It's currently in a beta, but we welcome you and other sports bloggers, fanatics to give it a spin. RIP BH!

  2. sounds great! i checked out the site last night and tried to register for it. the email with my pw, never came though. i'll have to try again. thanks!

  3. The Wirk...It's good to see you were able to eventual register. Thanks for checking us out and posting a few of your blogs!

  4. yep, i'm in there. thanks for creating the forum! is there an easier way to submit postings or will i continue to submit each post (i.e. that i want carried) individually?