Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NBA: My thoughts on the Eastern Conference ~ Can't we just pick 6?

I was talking to my friend, Teri, over the weekend and we were talking about the Eastern Conference and how it's "weak" relative to the Western Conference. 

The final 2 spots in the East as of now are being held by 2 teams that are below .500.  When was the last time any of you basketball fans were clamoring to see the Sixers or the Pacers this year?  Yeah, I know.  Me neither.
  1. Boston Celtics
  2. Miami Heat
  3. Chicago Bulls
  4. Atlanta Hawks
  5. Orlando Magic
  6. New York Knicks
  7. Philadelphia 76ers (17-23)
  8. Indiana Pacers (16-22)
Granted it's still early, but my initial reaction is "ewwwwwww". 

I like the Boston Celitcs on top and with Kevin Garnett back in the line-up, let's hope they stay healthy. Now I just need to check and see if there's a time table for Kendrick Perkins. I know Perkins has practiced, but last I saw he was on the bench during the game.

I'm anti-Lebron but pro-Dwyane Wade/Erik Spoelstra/Pat Riley, so I'm torn when it comes to the Miami Heat. Even being anti-Lebron, I have to admit that play when he twisted his ankle, went out of bounds, and then drained a 3 from the corner was impressive. Yes, I'm not blind. I saw it, and I was impressed.

How about Derrick Rose's triple double (i.e. granted it was against the Memphis Grizzlies, but it still counts)?!?!  What about Kyle Korver's 3-point shooting?  If those guys can keep up the effort and keep making shots while Boozer is out, then I'd consider the Chicago Bulls to be a viable threat.  I'm just not sure about their strength with Joakim Noah still out of the line-up.

I think the biggest surprise is Atlanta. In the words of Elmer Fudd, they've been "very, very quiet" yet the numbers don't lie (27-15).

I like the Knicks and am impressed with how well Amare Stoudemire is playing.  I anticipate heading to Madison Square Garden again before the NBA All-Star break to catch the Los Angeles Clippers and/or the Los Angeles Lakers in town.  I'm not sure how long the Knicks can continue to "bring it", but I am pulling for them.   

Those are my thoughts on the East.



  1. Ya know I have mucho love 4 u but...stop hatin on the sixers. Doug Collins is doing a FAB job. Sure they would love to have drafted Cousins rather than the Evan Turner but they thought AI was gonna be traded. The Pacers have a legit go-to g...uy in Granger & one of the BEST young pt guards (along with JWall & the sixers Jrue Holliday) in Darren Collinson. Plus give the Griz some due...they have a dynamic frontcourt (Gay, Zebo & Gasol) & will be battling with Clips, Suns, the fading Blazers & the ignomatic Nuggest for spots in the playoffs.

  2. come on... doug collins is doing the best he can w/what he has just like everyone else w/not so stellar line-ups. i haven't watched 2 secs of the pacers or the sixers this year but i'm sure that cousins would've loved to be a sixer as opposed to a king ~ who cares about his "attitude problem", it'd be philly.

    the grizz are the grizz and they gave a boozeless bulls squad a run for their money yesterday. the suns are terrible (sorry). the blazers are injury-riddled. the nuggets and the melo-drama <-- yuck.

    it doesn't matter though bc all the teams mentioned in this and your post are going NO WHERE except to church to pray for the draft :)