Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nets walk away from table, where Carmelo never sat ~ Trade drama over "for now"

Now that Mikhail Prokhorov has called off the Nets' pursuit of Carmelo Anthony, I think we can all move on for now.  I debated on whether or not I'd compose a post about it all, and for the sake of being comprehensive here goes...

My prediction: Carmelo Anthony plays out the season in Denver as a Nugget AND then goes to the Knicks... I don't believe the Chicago Bulls talk...  That's my 3 cents based.  ****  Why 3 cents?  It's 3 cents because I'm smarter than the average person, and the average person gives you 2 cents.

So what does this mean?
  • I don't believe that Prokhorov is bluffing.  I really believe the New Jersey Nets are out of the mix.
  • I don't believe Carmelo wanted to play for the New Jersey Nets anyway.
  • I think that if Carmelo isn't moved before the end of the season, he will have even more interest in what happens over the summer with regard to the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).
  • I'd imagine that Denver Nuggets fans will get to see Carmelo play through the end of the season, and therefore the "empty" seats that were noted in last night's game, should fill up
  • I think that New York Knicks fans will have to hold their breath and wait to see what Donnie Walsh comes up with regard to an offer for Carmelo.

With regard to Richard "Rip" Hamilton sitting on the bench...  I don't really see a reason for him to play.  I doubt the Detroit Pistons will do anything this year.  Further it appears that coach, John Kuester (i.e. a Tarheel), wants to go another direction (i.e. read: younger).  Personally, I don't like watching solid-NBA vets sit, and I'd want to see Rip and his $11 million run up and down the court.  However, my opinion appears to be the minority.  I guess when you're preparing to rebuild, I guess the veteran presence doesn't matter.  ****  Hmmm, now that I think about it, it sounds a lot like the Washington Redskins' McNabb situation...

****  I took the pictures for this post during the Nuggets v Wizards game, February 2010.


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