Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Syracuse cruised into the 3rd round ~ 2011 NCAA 2nd round, Cleveland

The walk over to Quicken Loans Arena was really cool.  Check out the moon.  I think it was the "start" of a supermoon.  Google it, if you care enough.

The first game of the doubleheader had Marquette battling Xavier.  Since, I'm from Ohio, I was rooting for Xavier.  So much for that. Marquette defeated the Musketeers.

The second game was the game I was most interested in, because I wanted to see Syracuse play. I like watching their 2-3 zone defense, and I wanted to see Scoop Jardine play in person.  Rick Jackson led Jim Boeheim's squad over the Sycamores.  Jackson had 23 points.  Syracuse ended up defeating Indiana State (i.e. final score of 77-60)

Scoop Jardine shaken up



  1. How can Syracuse cruise into the THIRD round (per title of the post)? This was a first round game. The round of 64 is round 1 and the round of 32 is round 2. Syracuse won round 1 and then lost to Marquette in the 2nd round.

    The "play in" games are not considered to be round 1 so I think you should fix this and other posts in the blog regarding round number.

  2. Welcome to 2011 and the new format that confuses everyone. The play in games are now considered the 1st round. It's actually a field of 68 now too. Even the signage at the tourney reflects that new development. Therefore, no correction needed.

  3. Fair enough Wirk; you're right!

    I think everyone is confused. Even had round 1 listed instead of round 2 for the round of 64 games (they fixed this now as I no longer see it on their website but did see this at the beginning of the tournament).

    I still say it's bogus to call the round of 64 as the 2nd round! I guess losers of game 1 can say they made it to the 2nd round.....

  4. :) I tend to agree with you about a lot of people being confused... If it weren't for the signage at the tourney and one of the websites where I pulled a bracket, I would have made the same mistake!