Saturday, March 19, 2011 takes in Charlotte for the NCAAs ~ Well, at least her avatar did

Sarah can't be everywhere, so is engaging fans and followers of the blog to create a "THE WIRK Avatar" to take to sporting events in their area and report back on the action and highlights.

Lucky fans and followers who post pictures like this of "their" THE WIRK Avatar at sporting events they attend may get a chance to meet her at a future event when she comes back around to their city.  ****  You may even get a seat upgrade, because she sometimes has extra tickets on her.

RixStar was hanging out with a "THE WIRK Avatar" in Charlotte for some Eastern Regional NCAA Basketball Action at TimeWarner Cable Arena.

The "Avatar" getting ready to go inside the arena
for some NCAA action

THE WIRK has been to over 70 different sporting venues.
This is inside the main entrance to the TIME WARNER
 arena where the Charlotte Bobcats play.
Duke defeated Hampton in the early afternoon session.  THE WIRK had choice 4th row seats for this first session match-up, thanks to a hook-up at Hampton University. Go RixStar!

Between sessions, the "Avatar" checks out some of the
other NCAA action on a TV back in the room
at the Ritz Carlton Hotel next to the arena. This is so cool.
A TV built into the mirror in the bathroom

During the session, Jim Nantz looks like he's
checking out THE WIRK's Avatar!
THE WIRK, is a Duke fan (i.e. her brother went there) but she also like UNC, unless they're playing Duke.  Go Tarheels!  In one of the night games, John Henson hits one of his 28 points in UNC's victory over Long Island Univ.

THE WIRK is all about entertainment inside and outside of your favorite sporting venues. She knows where to hang out and have fun after the games.  Here she is at the Epicenter entertainment complex across from the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte. It has 3 levels of restaurants, lounges and other night spots.

At Epicenter

****  Note:  I was really in Cleveland, OH to watch the tournament there.  Post forthcoming once I rest!


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