Sunday, February 21, 2010

Quick weekend wrap-up: Basketball, Tug of War, Hockey

OK - I'm all over the board on this one so I'll warn you now...  Here goes.  I'm doing larger "bullets" again in the interest of speed, bc my brain clicks faster than I type.

Friday ~ Basketball and Tug-of-War

  • Went to the Nuggets v Wiz game...  Ilgauskas didn't play.  The Wizards won.  Those last 2 sentences are not related to each other ~ they're merely statements.  This is completely unexplainable, but my best guess is that the Nuggets were tired from beating the Cavs the night before in OT, so they inadvertently play down to the level of the Wizards...  AND since the Wizards are used to playing at such a low level, obviously they're better at playing that sort of game, so they won.  They lulled the Nuggets into a very weak game.  How weak?  I was more interested in chatting it up with the guy I was with and the nachos we were sharing, that I more or less didn't realize that it was half-time.  Further, I spent the entire 2nd half looking at George Karl and trying to see if he looked "sick".  He doesn't.  That's a good thing.  Incidentally, based on the pics I took, I think some of the Nuggets were more interested in posing for the pictures I was taking (i.e. we were sitting 3/4 rows behind the bench) OR maybe they just wanted some nachos... 
    • So what is/are my point(s):
      •  If I were the Lakers, I wouldn't be scared of the Nuggets. 
      • Get the nachos w/cheese...
Kenyon Martin DOES resemble Method Man
  • Went to friend's birthday celebration and ended up out with some friends.  Engaged in tug of war, when someone I know mistook my scarf for hers and RIPPED it out of my hands, after I told her it was MINE.  I can be a little feisty, sooooo this could've gotten ugly.  However, the situation was handled calmly by another friend at the venue. 
    • So what is/are my point(s):
      • Proper eyecare is important.  What is more important than one's vision?  Get your eyes checked regularly. 
      • Duh. Though shall not steal. When I tell you something is MINE. It's MINE
      • Don't rip anything out of anyone's hand.  People don't like this behavior.
      • To paraphrase, Chris Rock, "If you say you're sorry, it'll be alright."  Muster the words.  Choke them out (i.e. the words, not the person) if you have to... 
      • I never realized how appropriately named, "Tug of War" is...  Hmmm...
Saturday ~ Basketball
  • Went to College Park, MD and watched the Georgia Tech  v  Maryland game.  On the way up there, one of the poeple in the car said that the line was Maryland -7.5.  He asked who I liked.  I told him I didn't like the number bc I didn't know what Maryland team would show up.  When pressed, I told him to take Tech.  He and his friend then told me I was "wrong".  Needless to say, I watched the end of that game closely.  Two amazing buzzer beaters ~ Maryland won.  BUT the difference in scores between GA Tech and Maryalnd was less than 7.5.
    • So what is/are my point(s):
      • Maryland had an amazing win, but consistently inconsistent teams are tough to follow and cheer for, bc you can't trust your eyes and predict the future. 
      • Kid ~ wherever you are ~ I was RIGHT.
      • Duke comes to town on March 3.  I was at the game last year, but will have to miss it this year.  With the ACC so weak it could be anyone's game, but I think Duke will win.  I mean, they SHOULD win...  Right!?!?
Sunday ~ Basketball and Hockey

  • The Cavs played the Magic today (rematch of the Eastern Conf Finals)...  The Cavs lost and dropped 3 in a row.  3 in a row.  Not wins.  Losses.  They lost 3 in a row, and they haven't done that in 2 years (i.e. I think).  It's no secret how I feel about Danny Ferry, and the ridiculous trade that sent Zydrunas to Washington to hang out in my 'hood (i.e.  bc let's face it, that's what Zydrunas is doing).  I certainly don't see him puting on his #17 uni and running up and down the court.  The man is listed as INACTIVE.  As far as I'm concerned, Danny Ferry has single-handedly (ok, to be fair Ernie Grunfeld is equally to blame) imploded my favorite basketball team.  Anderson Varejao is now Shaq's back-up.  Are you serious?!?!  Am I the only one that can still hear the screams of 20,000 (TWENTY THOUSAND) people yelling "GIVE IT BACK" the minute Lebron passed Varejao the ball in the final seconds of that one playoff game (that I'm desperately trying to forget) during the NBA FINALS!?!?!  Everyone in today's game had a bajillion fouls (i.e.  that's a HUGE number, people) as they ineffectively tried to guard Dwight Howard.  Now I'm not saying Zydrunas is a defensive mastermind against Superman, "Part Deux", but at least he's not flopping around like a fish out of water like Varejao.  GIVE ME A BREAK.
    • So what is/are my point(s):
      • Ferry is absolutely terrible, and I hope the Cavs lose every single game (if Zydrunas doesn't make it back)... Then I hope he and Mike Brown lose their jobs... AND THEN I hope Lebron leaves Cleveland and wins a title... and when all that happens, I'll shout it to anyone that'll listen, that it was ALL Ferry's fault...
        • Now before all you Cavs fans get in a tizzy, let me clarify this point above.  I LOVE THE CAVS.  I would NEVER have imploded the team, messed with the chemistry, and taken away a quality center when the alternative is some guy with a crazy perm who can't play basketball.  IF, (1) Zydrunas makes it back, (2) the Cavs don't go on some crazy losing streak (i.e. bc of this trade), (3) they make it to the Finals, and (4) win the NBA Championship, then I'll be the first person to tell Danny that I'm sorry and that I was wrong.  Until then, I'm scathing mad.
      • It's not a coincidence that there's an "Anderson Varejao Sucks" facebook page.  We are 200 people strong.  I bet if I friend requested my mom, I could get her to join the group too...  Hmmm...
      • I should start a moving company in Cleveland bc people are going to need my services.
  • Hockey.  Yeah, it's on today also.  Russia already beat Czech Republic.  All I know is that the final score was 4-2 and that Ovi had a monster hit on Jagr...  Go Ovi!!!
    • So what is/are my point(s):
      • I get my news from facebook status feeds. 
      • USA v Canada tonight around 7:30.  It's a little after 6PM.  I need to get moving...
  • Basketball ~ Oh yeah.  Duke plays VA Tech tonight too... 
    • So what is/are my point(s):
      • Yawn...  I bet the people at Cameron Indoor wish they could watch the USA v Canada hockey game.
      • Go Duke.  Sorry, I had to add that in.  My brother may have to support me when I get old.  And for you smarties out there ~ yes, I said "WHEN"  :-P
Man...  It's tough to be a Cavs fan now...

Oh, if you want to buy your OWN scarf...  Here's a link for your convenience...


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