Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dear... ~ Open Letters Leading up to the Cavs v Knicks game on Monday

Dear Big Baby Davis ~ way to go...  You messed up Shaq's thumb and according to the AP, he has to come to Baltimore today to see Dr. Graham.  Thumb wars are dangerous.

Dear Shaq - I'm all for sportsmanship, BUT why didn't you just get BBD (i.e. hmmm, sorry Bell Biv Devoe) off of you when he was messing with your thumb?  I saw the video.  I'm surprised you didn't react.  Speaking of video...  Yesterday, I was forwarded the video of Kevin Garnett yelling at BBD on the sidelines of a game, and BBD reacting by CRYING on the bench.  WOW.  Check it out:

Dear Danny Ferry - I see Jamison is performing better, as he gets into the Cleveland groove.  The Cavs have won 3 in a row, so I'm feeling much more comfortable about the trade.  However, now Cleveland and I are patiently waiting for time to pass so things could be made "right".  March 21, Zydrunas can return.  Until then, with Shaq out, Cavs fans have to rely on Varejao as your center.  I'm pretty sure that the Knicks aren't afraid of Varejao, but I sure am... I really hope the Cavs don't lose to the Knicks on Monday.  A Cavs' loss to the Knicks would be embarrassing ~ not as embarrassing as losing to the Nets (i.e. let's face it, that wouldn't happen). 

Dear Anderson Varejao - Your numbers in the past 3 games have been decent (i..e 13.0 points and 8.3 boards)...  You're playing well.  Don't blow it.

Dear Lebron - I read that you said it may take a while to recover from your collision with DeMar DeRozan...  Please, rest up.  T-Mac missed the second half of the game against the Grizzzlies, but he's currently listed as a probably starter for Monday night.  I wonder if he'll play the entire game.  My guess is NO, especially if the Cavs grab a huge lead early.

Last but not least...

Dear Knicks fans - I may have to eat these words later, but I think you're dreaming if you think LeBron is going to NY when his time is up in Cleveland.  As a Cavs fan, I really don't think it makes any sense.  I've heard the arguments about endorsements etc., but tell me what sponsors haven't been able to approach and find LeBron in Ohio?  Yes, NYC is a great city and MSG is a storied building with a rich history ~ but this is LeBron.  He can always just visit the city or even buy a place, go to the new Yankees' stadium, etc. and return to Ohio.  Why would he want to rebuild the broken Knicks franchise?  Now I know the rebuttal to that argument is that LeBron wouldn't have to do it alone.  Presumably LeBron would have Dwyane Wade or Chris Bosh to help him win.  Give me a break.  Why would these guys want to take on that kind of responsibility?  This isn't baseball, where you can buy the top talent and expect a championship (e.g.  the Dallas Mavericks, back in the day, come to mind as an example of a "fail").  Basketball, although there are moments of individual glory, is a team sport.  Chemistry is a huge factor, and you can't buy chemistry.  Lastly, haven't you heard?  Cleveland rocks!

Go Cavs!



  1. I agree that LeBron isn't going anywhere, and I highly doubt that Dwayne Wade is either. The Knicks' best hope is possibly getting Chris Bosh to sign with them.

  2. Finally, someone that is sensible! Great job ~ ListentoLeon!