Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wow... Now, Zydrunas has a puppet... Ummm ~ Thank you, Nike!?!?!

Any Cavs or NBA fan has probably noticed that the "handshake" with Lebron is different (depending on who you are), but I have officially seen it ALL now with these Nike's MVPuppets...  GO CAVS!!!!



  1. Gotta be honest, I haven't loved the puppet campaign. When they had Little Penny with Chris Rock, it was brilliant. I just can't stop comparing to the original.

  2. All in all - I have to agree with you about the MVPuppets... The Kobe and Lebron puppets look/sound nothing like Kobe or Lebron, so it's strange to see that Nike more or less "nailed it" for Ilgauskas. I do like the concept of this commercial though ~ the pregame handshakes are definitely a sight! Big game tonight: Magic v Cavs at the Q @ 8PM on TNT! Go Cavs!