Monday, February 1, 2010

"If the Celtics are healthy..." ~ Preview of Celtics v Wizards on Monday night...

I fell asleep early tonight and now I'm wide awake...  When I woke up I checked my text messages (habit), and I was happy to see a text from my friend, Pat.  For those of you that read this blog, he's the same Pat that went to Dallas with me.  Turns out Pat has an extra ticket for the Celtics v Wizards game and wanted to know if I wanted to go.  My only dilemma was that Monday is trivia night, but I easily got over my guilt as I texted my trivia team at 10 til 1 this morning to tell them I wasn't coming.  Seriously, WWMTTD (aka What Would My Trivia Teammates Do)?!!?  They would skip trivia also and go to the game ~ I know because they have skipped to go skiing, because they were tired, had a date, etc.  I'm sure they'll understand why I'm not going and that someone else is going to have answer any questions related to 80s music.

Sooooo, the Celtics....  I just checked and according to the Celtics' record is 29-16 and they're coming into DC after losing 3 straight.  Incidentally, my Cavs are leading the East with a record of 38-11 and have won 8 straight.  I also checked and it looks like the line for the game is Boston -5. 

THE WIRK RECOMMENDS YOU BET THE HOUSE ON THE CELTICS.  Notice, I said "recommends".  I do NOT guarantee.  If I were energetic enough to go to Vegas tomorrow I'd bet the money line without question on the Celtics.  I seriously doubt they're going to lose 4 in a row.  I may have to eat these words tomorrow night, but I doubt it.

Back to the Celtics and the East.  Everyone I speak to either loves or hates Lebron and the Cavs.  However, the answer always seems to be the same, when I ask Cavs critics who they think can win the East.  The haters all reply the same way ~ "I think a healthy Celtics team can beat the Cavs".  This statement always amuses me.  I'm not sure what movie/show it's from, but it reminds me of the line, "If Grandma had balls, she'd be Grandpa".  The logic is completely flawed.  "If" is the premise and who really knows.  Injuries happen in sports and they're a huge determining factor when it comes to the success or failure of a team, but last I checked Kevin Garnett is back.

Kevin Garnett is back, but he's not BACK from his knee injury.  How could he be?!?!  The man just took to the practice court on Jan 19.  I just checked the box score from tonight's Lakers v Celtics matchup and KG played about 31 mins and went 5-9... He had 10 points, shot ZERO free throws, and was one short of a double double with only 9 boards.  Hmmmm ~ let me tell it to you straight.  I'm going to need KG to pull down a double double CONSISTENTLY in order for me to believe he's BACK from his injury.  AND, if the man isn't shooting any free throws, then it tells me that he's not driving the lane and is probably afraid to make contact ~ which also tells me he knows he's not "back" and that the knee is probably still ouchy.

WOW ~  I just looked at Rondo's numbers, and he exploded tonight!  On the contrary, Ray Allen only shot 2-10 in 34 mins of action and left with 7 points.  Hmmmm ~ I can be a very quantitative person at times, and these numbers do not scare me as a Cavs fan.

Then again, I wasn't scared of the Orlando Magic last year and we all know how that turned out.  YUCK!!!  Basketball is a team sport ~ regardless of what the numbers look lke and what the folks at Nike want the general population to believe.  We also know that some guys don't play "all out" every night, much less for the entire 48 minutes of game time.  "Just watch the last 2 minutes," is what all the NBA haters say when it comes to watching games.

Well - I'll be there tomorrow to see the Celts live and in person.  I'm going to see for myself how this team is playing.  I'm going to scout KG and the rest of the Celtics to satisfy my own curiosity, and then I'll decide whether or not, as a Cavs fan, I need to be scurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred...  :-P


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