Saturday, February 26, 2011

FREE Deron Williams T-shirt ~ I laughed at this phrase

Today I received an email message "from" Deron Williams.  I'd imagine it was one of the emails that the team sends out to people who've bought tickets to a game.  Regardless, I thought it was funny.  In the email was a video from Deron Williams and a picture of him (i.e. presumably at the press conference where he was welcomed to the New Jersey Nets), after being traded from the Utah Jazz.  I didn't watch the video, but I thought the line underneath Williams' picture was funny.

Here's the line, "...the first 10,000 fans in attendance will receive a FREE Deron Williams NETS Basketball T-Shirt!"

Whoever wrote that line is pretty clever or maybe a little sarcastic.  It's no secret that the Utah Jazz's future looked brighter than the Nets'.  So, I couldn't help but read "FREE" as "let Deron go" as opposed to "at no cost".

Just something that made me laugh, that I thought I'd share.


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