Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Grammy Museum ~ John Lennon and Hip-Hop Special Exhibits

On the walk back to the hotel from the LA Convention Center, I decided I wanted to check out The Grammy Museum (i.e. located on the campus of LA Live).  I've walked by The Grammy Museum a bunch of times when I was in LA, but usually had some place I needed to be.  Since I'd just wrapped up Jam Session and was waiting to hear back about my ticket to NBA All-Star Saturday night, I figured I'd run into the museum to see what it had to offer.  Plus, the Grammys were just on TV, so I while it's still relevant here you go!

A ticket to The Grammy Museum is $12.95 for adults.  Currently, the museum is featuring two special exhibits.  One is "John Lennon, Songwriter" and the other is "Hip-Hop: A Cultural Odyssey".  I asked the lady who sold me the ticket how long it'd take me to see everything and she estimated 60-90 minutes.

The Grammy Museum is 4 levels and the tour starts on the 4th level.  You descend from floor to floor until you complete your visit.  There is no photography or video recording in the museum.  I didn't try to break the rules, but I admit I'd like to have a picture of a Grammy for this post.

Obviously since it's The Grammy Museum, sound is very important.  Beats by Dre headphones are everywhere, including the gift shop.

I'll admit I LOVED the Grammy Awards two years ago.  The most recent Grammy Awards, I found to be a little boring but I enjoyed the commentary on Twitter as my friends and I watched the show.  I was thrilled to watch previous award show performances on a big screen at the museum (e.g. TLC, Whitney Houston, Kanye West and Jamie Foxx, etc.).  It's been said that, "Music is the soundtrack for our lives," and I believe it.  Music can take you back in time...

I enjoyed looking at the hand-written lyrics, seeing the Grammy dresses/costumes, and listening to the beats I tried to spin/mix while playing DJ.  ****  Jennifer Lopez's infamous green dress, that she wore when she was with Diddy is at the museum.  Incidentally,Taylor Swift is not only talented, but she is also tiny ~ I know because her dress is also on display.

The Grammy Museum also has public programs.  On February 25 at 8PM, the museum presents "Icons of the Music Industry: Russell Simmons".  Russell Simmons will be at the museum to discuss his influence and entrepreneurial approach to business and philanthropy.  After his interview, according to the flyer, Russell Simmons will take questions from the audience.

If you haven't stopped into The Grammy Museum yet, check it out.


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