Thursday, April 21, 2011

10 more MLB stadiums left to see and then my baseball tour is over

Last night I went to my first baseball game of the season.  It was an A's game and my first time at the venue.  With a new season upon us and now that the worst is over, I did a quick look and these are the stadiums I have left to check off.

MLB teams I need to see play at home:
  1. Tampa Bay Rays - Wish they'd get a new venue
  2. Chicago White Sox - Need to find a cheap flight and go 
  3. Kansas City Royals - Plan to hit this one once my friend, Becky, move there
  4. Seattle Mariners - Plan to hit this park in August
  5. Florida Marlins - Might wait until they get a new ballpark
  6. Cincinnati Reds - Haven't seen the Reds play at home, since they played at Riverfront Coliseum
  7. Houston Astros - Plan to hit this one once my friend, Kanak, moves there
  8. Milwaukee Brewers - Might have to make this a combo trip with a weekend in Chicago
  9. Pittsburgh Pirates - Possible road trip
  10. Colorado Rockies - Headed to Denver, but wouldn't you know the team is out of town
With a little planning and some luck scheduling, I'll probably manage five or 6 parks this season.

****  By the way, baseball stadium tours don't count.  I've had this argument with a number of people, and firmly believe, that you have to watch a game at the venue in order for it to "count".


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  1. These stadiums have one of the best games in history. I'd love to visit them as well.