Friday, April 29, 2011

Already over the 1st round of the NBA Playoffs - Let's keep it moving please

I'm not going to lie.  For me, fatigue is setting in with the 1st round of the NBA Playoffs.  I'm ready to start the Conference Semifinals.  I'm glad that teams such as the Dallas Mavericks, the Atlanta Hawks, and the Los Angeles Lakers decided to finish up tonight so that we can keep it moving in the NBA on the road to the Finals...

Is it just me or was that Atlanta Hawks v Orlando Magic match-up incredibly painful to watch?   I couldn't get into that series AT ALL.  Thank goodness they kept that game off of TNT tonight.  There is no question that Orlando is worse after the big trade.  As a result, any plan to visit the "new" Amway Arena will be postponed yet another year (i.e. at least).  As for the Hawks, I like Jamal Crawford and have enjoyed the way he's matured as a player, but without Coach Woodson, I just can't actively support this team.  I don't feel like they play inspired basketball.  I remember the Joe Johson Craigs list ad.  Needless to say, I'm taking the Chicago Bulls in the next series.

In contrast to the Hawks v Magic series, I never wanted the Dallas Mavericks v Portland Trail Blazers match-up to end, but all good things...  I enjoy watching the Blazers.  I like the play of LaMarcus Aldridge.  I believe in Brandon Roy and want him to succeed.  The games he played AFTER he complained about his playing time showed me that he wanted to EARN his minutes.  I think he apologized for going to the media to vent his emotions.  I'm glad that he learned that his play speaks for itself.

The Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Lakers series should be HOT, but I think the Boston Celtics v Miami Heat will be more exciting.  I remember the Nike Party during NBA All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles this year.  I saw Dirk Nowitzki joking around with Kobe Bryant and flashing him the "L" (i.e. loser symbol).  Sure they shared laughs, but you know the saying ~ "There's truth in humor."  I'm sure that Dirk and the Mavs would like to eliminate the Lakers.  I'm also confident that Phil Jackson would like to leave the Lakers as a WINNER.  I don't question Kobe's heart.  After seeing the way he looked at Pau Gasol, after Gasol had a few "oopsies" in Game 5, I don't want to get on Kobe's bad side.  ****  Seriously.  If looks could kill, the Lakers would be a man down.

As for the eagerly anticipated Celtics v Heat match-up, I really hope that the Celtics manage to "Beat the Heat".  Earlier today I read Jay-Z's Life+Times blog post about Chris Bosh.  I was irritated on various levels after reading the post.  For the sake of completeness, I'll post my comments here.  Here are my comments (forgive the capitalization): "people don't like bosh for a variety of reasons. he actually believes he's at a level that puts him in the same category of wade and james. THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE. bosh's perceived bravado, ineffectivenes, crying, and whining are a few of the reasons why he's the subject of criticism. nobody likes a pompous whiner that's unreliable when it comes to productivity. the heat are wade's team. d wade should get the final shot. bosh should realize that it's an honor JUST for him to be "nominated".

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to read Jay-Z's post about Bosh yourself, here:

That's all I have for now.  Like I said, I'm already starting to feel the fatigue of the 1st round.  In my head, I'm already "on to the next one".

****  Oh, and if you're one of those people that watched the NFL Draft today, I really don't know how you do it...  After I heard Cam Newton went #1 to the Carolina Panthers, I lost interest.


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  1. I can't wait t see the rest of games. I have been looking back to old games and I have to admit that it is pretty darn good.