Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vitaly Potapenko is an Assistant Coach for the Indiana Pacers ~ Who knew?

Are my eyes deceiving me or is Vitaly Potapenko really an assistant coach for the Indiana Pacers?  Wow.  I just saw him sitting behind the Pacers bench.  I knew Vitaly back when he was with the Cleveland Cavaliers.  The Ukraine Train was very good friends with my first fiancee, and went to college at Wright State University (i.e. where I grew up).  When my ex and I started dating, Vitaly was around.  I like him.  I remember that he got engaged first, then I did, and then Bobby.  ****  Incidentally the 3 couples who all got engaged never got married and there was one "switcheroo".

The stories I could tell, but won't...  I should dig up the pictures of the crew back then.  It all seems like a lifetime ago!  I haven't kept up with the Pacers much this season (i.e. obviously), but I'm very impressed with how well they've been playing against the Chicago Bulls.

Over the weekend, I went to Atlantic City and saw the score during the 4th quarter for Game 1 of the Pacers v Bulls series and couldn't believe my eyes.  The Pacers were in the lead.  Chicago came back to win, thanks to Kyle Korver and Derrick Rose.

Game 2 looks like it's following the same script!  23.4 seconds left and the Bulls only lead by 2, 88-90. 

Game ON!


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