Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2 thoughts on the Royal Wedding and gingers: The path from William to Delonte West

St. Margaret's Church, Westminster Abbey
Random thoughts about the Royal Wedding and gingers.

1) As I was watching a re-run of The Hills last night (i.e. yes, I'm that bored), I noticed that Lauren Conrad, LC, resembles Kate Middleton.

2) I realize that Prince William is going to be King and that we should all be excited aout the impending nuptials.  However, I'm more interested in when Harry marries.  Now, THAT will be a party!  Harry may not be the future King of England, but he is much better looking than his older brother.  Harry and Boris Becker are really the only two "gingers" who have ever caught my eye.  Blake Griffin?  No, thank you.  It's a slipper slope and next thing you know, you're looking at Delonte West twice...  Scary, right?

To reinforce this lesson and emphasize the way my brain works, I'll repeat the path:  William -->Harry -->Blake Griffin -->Delonte West.

Blake Griffin


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