Saturday, April 3, 2010

Could sports betting be coming to Atlantic City?

****So this morning I decided that I'm not going to travel to Indianapolis for the Final Four.  I'm not that excited about the games, and I've already been to Indianapolis and Lucas Oil Stadium during the NFL Playoffs.

Later this morning, I received the following link from a friend about a hearing on sportsbetting in Atlantic City, New Jesey for a constitutional amendment to legalize sportsbetting in NJ.  Similar to Vegas, back when you couldn't wager on UNLV etc., it appears there'd be restrictions against wagers being placed on college games that take place in New Jersey or on any game in which a New Jersey college team participates.

Obviously, and according to the article, the amendment would be "...predicated on constitutional amendment would be predicated on the reversal of the Federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, a law which prohibits sports wagering in all but four states throughout the nation."

I'm all for adding sports betting to the Atlantic City casinos.  Sports betting is the only major gaming component that's missing from a Vegas adventure.  Further, I've always felt that AC casinos are priced incorrectly.  For the amount of money that it takes to stay at the Borgata or one of the other better casinos, I'd rather take that money and use it towards a flight to Vegas, where I can stay at a beautiful casino and get comped.  AC is the option I choose when I'm going with people who can't/don't want to fly.

Incidentally, if anyone has any real insight into the comps structure/point equations, please fill me in.  I've always been curious as to the specific details.

For more the full text in the article, I've included the link for your convenience.

Public Hearing on New Jersey Sports Betting Set for Atlantic City

Oh, and speaking of New Jersey. Here you go.


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