Friday, April 9, 2010

Hawks defeat the Raptors ~ Great win! Thank you Coach Woodson and Jamal Crawford

The plan all along was to hit the Raptors v Hawks game on Friday.  Earlier in the day I called the Hawks and left Coach Woodson a voicemail to wish him well and let him know I was in town.  I remember Coach from his days in Cleveland (i.e. where he served as an assistant coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers).  He is a class act, and I believe he truly cares about his players.  To my surprise, later in the afternoon he phoned me back and before you knew it, I had my tickets in motion.  Thank you, Coach.

**** I always call my friends in the league to let them know if I'm coming to town. We all move around so much, that I value staying connected.

I have good friends ~ Thank you

It's good to be back

Got to the seats in time for the opening tip

Game on

Obligatory shot of the banners hanging

The playoff race in the East is a tight one.  Just a minute ago, I saw/heard a bit on TV about the race for the 8th playoff spot.  Currently, both the Toronto Raptors and the Chicago Bulls are battling for the 8th spot.  I think NBA TV is referring to it as "The Race for 8".  Coincidentally both teams lost tonight.  ****The Bulls lost to the Nets in D-OT tonight.  Chris Bosh is out for the rest of the regular season after suffering severe facial injuries, so needless to say the "Bosh-less" Raptors were in Atlanta to play a fully-loaded, Hawks team.  Joe Johnson, Mike Bibby, and Jamal Crawford were definitely ready for action.  Yep, Joe Johnson was back ~ but the story of the game is Jamal Crawford.

Jamal Crawford played an all-around great game!  He logged 25 points and his 27th career 4 point play (i.e. a new NBA record).  Subsequently, the Hawks captured the victory ~ their 50th win this season (i.e. a feat that hasn't occurred since the 1997-1998 season). 

A new NBA record

Hawks defeat the Raptors, 107-101 ~ Now You Know

After the game, I was able to personally congratulate Jamal Crawford on his strong performance and new NBA record.  He seemed sincerely thankful for the kind words.  The humility he projected is rare in the league, especially for veteran players, so it's worth mentioning.

With the star of the game, Jamal Crawford

Thank you, Coach ~ Great win!

The Hawks are away for their next game and take on the Wizards, Saturday at the Verizon Center.  Ironically, Chicago visits the Air Canada Centre on Sunday night.

Aside from singing Jamal Crawford's praises, here are some other thoughts from the night:
  • Why is a Seattle Supersonics banner still hanging?  OR maybe the better question is, why aren't the Oklahoma City Thunder represented?
  • My seats were on the hospitality suites side of the arena.  Since I was starving, my friend and I decided to complete a mini "Taste of Philips Arena". 
    • Get the Fireside Chicken Nachos, if you have the chance.  They're well worth the $10.25.
    • The sushi at the arena is good also.  I think it comes from Goldfish (i.e. the restaurant near Perimeter Mall)
  • I know Spike Lee is a NBA fan, but why was he at the game?  Is he working on a project in Atlanta?  I'm curious, since the last time I saw Spike Lee was at the W's Ghostbar during NBA All-Star weekend, in Dallas and generally only expect to see Spike at The Garden.
After the game, Spike Lee exited the tunnel and left the building

Big day tomorrow, as I have to wake up early and head to Augusta.  There's some golf tournament out there that I want to check out  (i.e.  wink wink), so that's all I have for now. 


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