Thursday, April 15, 2010

The NBA Playoff schedule is out and NHL Playoffs are underway ~ Let's go Cavs and Caps!!!


The NBA playoff schedule has been released, and I've been looking at my frequent flier mile balances and proposing multi-city trips trying to make the most out of each and every trip (i.e. trying to combine baseball and basketball).  If I'm heading West, I want the trip to be worth it.  The only issue, is that I'm not sure when I have to start traveling for work.  Soooooooooo, West coast friends should expect to hear from me in the next couple of days as I attempt to hash out a schedule that makes sense, physically and financially. 

Plus, let's put this into perspective ~ this is only the first round.

I took a quick look and here are my predictions for the NBA playoff 1st round match-ups :

Lets's start with the East:

(1) Cleveland Cavaliers (61-21)  <--- Advances (i.e Go Cavs!!!)
(8) Chicago Bulls (41-41)

(2) Orlando Magic (59-23) <--- Advances (i.e.  I predict a Magic sweep)
(7) Charlotte Bobcats (44-38)

(3) Atlanta Hawks (53-29)  <--- Advances (i.e. Coach Woodson's Hawks are exciting to watch)
(6) Milwaukee Bucks (46-36)

(4) Boston Celtics (50-32)
(5) Miami Heat (47-35) <--- Advances (i.e. I can't in good conscience pick the Celtics and even Doc doesn't want to think about the future)

And, now for the West:

(1) Los Angeles Lakers (57-25)  <--- Advances (i.e. going to be exciting with Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant)
(8) Oklahoma City Thunder (50-32)

(2) Dallas Mavericks (55-27) <--- Advances (i.e. I'm so tired of watching the Spurs play sleepy basketball)
(7) San Antonio Spurs (50-32)

(3) Phoenix Suns (54-28) <--- Advances (i.e. Portland isn't healthy enough squad to compete with the hot Suns)
(6) Portland Trailblazers (50-32)

(4) Denver Nuggets (53-29) <--- Advances (i.e. going to be a fight, might even go to 7)
(5) Utah Jazz (53-29)

The road to the NBA Finals should go through Cleveland.  Check out the following video, to get a taste for what to expect if you want to come out and see the Cavs play in the finals.

****  On another note, what in the world is going on in Chicago with John Paxson and Vinny Del Negro?!?!


The Caps are kicking off the NHL playoffs.  Game 1 is tonight at the Verizon Center today @ 7PM.  Game 2 is on Saturday (i.e. same time, same place).  They're taking on the Montreal Canadiens.  I have a few friends that are Habs fans, but I think those guys are going to be disappointed.  I've been to the Bell Centre and seen how passionate the Habs fans are about their winning team, but I look for the Washington Capitals to advance.

Nice, but the Caps are going to advance

Incidentally, I just took a poll on the Caps website and it looks like I'm not the only one.  Here is the question and the poll results.

Question:  Who will win the series between the Capitals and the Canadiens?

Caps in 4 or 5 = 56.67%
Habs in 4 or 5 = 5.67%
Caps in 6 or 7 - 24.6%
Habs in 6 or 7 = 13.06%

A while ago, I was watching Washington Post Live and listening to Mike Wise talk about Washington Capitals' fans and their expectations with regard to the postseason.  If I remember correctly, his point was that Caps fans are expecting too much by "expecting" to see the Caps win the Stanley Cup.  I respect his opinion, but disagree.  I believe, that when you are so close to the championship and it appears you're stronger than the previous year, winning it ALL is not an unrealistic expectation.  Let's go Caps!  Go get that Stanley Cup and bring it back to DC.


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