Monday, May 24, 2010

Cleveland Cavs fired Mike Brown ~ Who's the next Cavs coach?

Looks like SamAmico's tweet was on target last week.  The Cleveland Cavs have fired Mike Brown (i.e. who I will now nickname, Cleveland's "Ollie North") and they did it right before the deadline in which they would have owed the coach $4.5 million.  Mike Brown coached the Cavs for the past 5 years and won 61 (i.e. I think) games last season.  He has the highest winning percentage in Cavs history (i.e. .663 with a W-L record of: 272-138).

I'm realistic.  I'm not about to put all the blame on Mike Brown's shoulders for the Cavs poor playoff performance.  However, I do believe that he could have done more with what he had.  I've never coached a day in my life, but I know my rotation would've been different and that after 5 years, I'd have drawn up more than the "Give it to LeBron" play.  I do realize that there are some no talent assclowns on that team that need to go.  With the July 1st deadline looming and everyone watching the LeBron countdown, I'm curious who else leaves/retires/stays...

Who do you want to see Coach the Cavs?  I'll tell you right now, and I didn't need a statement from Duke to tell me it, but I really don't believe Coach K will leave Duke ~ regardless of the Danny Ferry and LeBron James connection. 

Do you see Calipari leading the Cavs?  What about if Stan Van Gundy gets fired?  Voice your thoughts.  I'm interested in knowing what you think...

Oh, and if you read the following article on, you can't help but notice the following sentence, "Ferry, too, has an unsure future in Cleveland as his contract is set to expire next month."  Interesting...

Lastly, I just saw this quote, "Obviously, we didn't achieve what we set out to achieve, which is to win a championship," Ilgauskas said, according to The Plain Dealer of Cleveland. "But if you're going to lay all the blame on coach Brown and think that's going to solve everything, you've got another thing coming."  Don't worry, Zydrunas.  I blame you, too.  Just kidding!  Kind of, but not really...  Haha.



  1. Lenny Wilkins said he'd come back to Cleveland.

  2. I want someone who is an experienced playoff winner and someone that can command respect and be an authority figure in the locker room. I would love to have Phil Jackson, but I don't think that's happening.

    I don't want any college coaches coming in. They simply do not have the experience necessary to be successful from the beginning. Calipari was horrible in his previous NBA coaching experience (72-122 overall and 0-3 in playoffs) and I'm not thinking coach K is leaving Duke anytime soon.

    I like Byron Scott as the best possibility. He's got the experience and can definitely be a leader. He also has decent playoff experience (33-24) and he has coached twice to the Finals with the Nets. He managed to turn around the Nets and New Orleans in a short time.

    Of course this is all with the premise that LBJ comes back to Cleveland. If he doesn't, I don't think many will care who the coach is. Just my 2 cents.


  3. As for Lenny Wilkins... eh, doubt it. but you never know...

    Vish - agree - no to calipari and no to coach k (i.e. he won't come to cleveland)... byron scott - that's interesting. hadn't thought about him. agree about phil jackson not coming to cleveland ~ needless to say, i think he's staying in LA with jeanie buss...